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Vendors/Contractors Insurance

This Vendor/Contractor Insurance Program was developed to meet the needs of the California State University system in assuring that there is insurance in place when entering into a contract with a contractor or vendor.

Coverage can be provided for General Liability, and General and Professional Liability combined. This will enable the University to contract with qualified bidders who could not previously participate because their level of insurance could not meet the CSU minimum insurance requirements. Use this quote form  to get a Vendors Insurance quote.

Program Advantages for the Vendor or Contractor

  1. Program has many approved classes that expedites contract issuance
  2. Low premiums, low deductibles, minimal paperwork
  3. Includes General Contractors as Insured’s (subject to contractual obligations hired by the University only)
  4. No prior insurance required
  5. Certificates of Insurance provided as necessary
  6. No need to alter current insurance program, if any.

Program Advantages for the University

  1. Dedicated limits for each contract
  2. Satisfies contract minimum General Liability requirements
  3. Program has many approved classes that expedites contract issuance
  4. The CSU, CSUSB and all departments, agencies, directors, officers and employee are added as additional insured.
  5. Simple enrollment process
  6. No cross-liability exclusion

Some Program Highlights

  1. Expanded Hazard Class List
  2. Maximum Contract Value has been raised to $150,000
  3. General Aggregate increased to $2,000,000 is now available for a small additional premium
  4. Increased Premises Liability Coverage (including Fire Legal) is also now available as follows:
    • $300,000 limit for a $250 flat rate + taxes/fees
    • $500,000 limit for a $500 flat rate + taxes/fees
    • Limits above $500,000 may be available -subject to underwriting approval

The Vendors/Contractors Liability Insurance Program is designed to address the risk management and insurance needs of small vendors and contractors to meet the minimum insurance requirements necessary to do business with the University. As some businesses are small and do not have a need for regular on-going commercial insurance, CSUSB Risk Management offers to provide the opportunity to secure coverage on an as-needed basis for special situations.

CSUSB departments that engage a vendor or contractor may contact the University Risk Management Department directly to determine details about liability insurance requirements. Often these are determined on a case-by-case basis. The  University's Special Events & Guest Services Department at (909) 537-7360 handles facility reservations, facility staffing costs, security requirements, special equipment and/or infrastructure requirements for any outside business requesting the lease or use of the University’s facilities.

Note: Coverage is available only for specific contracts with the University and does not extend to other work performed by the vendor or contractor. Contact Risk Management with any questions at (909) 537-3937.

An Independent Contractor, must complete the Request for Independent Contractor (for the University Corporation) or the Independent Contractor/Employee Status Determination Statement for the California State University, San Bernardino Foundation contracts) and a waiver to do work on or off campus for the University or CSUSB Auxiliary. The waiver to do work on campus for the University is available from Risk Management.

To request a quotation, contact the Risk Management Department at X73937.

Note: This summary of the policy terms is provided for information only. It does not convey any rights upon the insurance nor alter its condition for coverage. Please refer to the actual policy for full disclosure of the policy terms.