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Athletic Injury Medical Expense Insurance

The California State University Risk Management Authority (CSURMA) provides Athletic Injury Medical

Expense (AIME) insurance coverage for California State University, San Bernardino athletes. It covers any regularly enrolled student who is a participant on the intercollegiate team roster of the participating CSU campus, or is engaged in scheduled activities to become a roster participant of an intercollegiate team of the participating CSU campus. It also covers all intercollegiate athletes, coaches, managers and trainer of the schools affiliated with CSURMA AIME and listed on the sports census from each participating CSU campus. The combined self-insurance accident and travel program covers a variety of activities. These include regularly scheduled intercollegiate sports events and the supervised or customary activities within the scope of such sport. Coverage includes the sports listed on the sports census from each participating CSU campus.

Also covered are travel accident benefits to all athletes participating in sports, including off-season conditioning, listed on sports census travel to and from a sponsored game (including play or practice and off season physical conditioning) as part of a group in transportation arranged by the policyholder.