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Emergency Management and Business Continuity

Emergency Management and Business Continuity Planning

California State University San Bernardino's (CSUSB) Office of Emergency Management and Business Continuity Planning is charged with coordinating those activities needed to prepare for and respond to threatened or actual campus-wide emergencies or disasters - whether they be natural disasters or man-made crises. The responsibility for a campus emergency management program as required in California State University Executive Order #1056, has been delegated to the CSUSB Office of Emergency Management and Business Continuity Planning, which is a unit of the CSUSB Police Department (within the Administration and Finance Division). This includes planning, implementing, and maintaining an emergency management program on campus integrating emergency preparedness planning, training, response, and recovery. The mission of the Emergency Management Program at CSUSB is to ensure a dynamic process that incorporates developing, organizing, coordinating, and leading the campus toward effective preparation for, and efficient response to, emergencies and disasters with the primary focus on saving lives, reducing human suffering and the minimizing of property loss and academic services.

The CSUSB Emergency Management Program establishes procedures, protocols, and plans to ensure the effective management of campus operations during emergency situations.

CSUSB Emergency Operations Plan

The CSUSB Emergency Operations Plan (EOP) defines the scope of preparedness and incident management activities which CSUSB has taken to preserve life and property at CSUSB. This EOP describes organizational structures, roles and responsibilities, policies, and protocols for providing emergency support during a major emergency/disaster. This EOP is designed to be consistent with Homeland Security Presidential Directive (HSPS-5), the National Incident Management System (NIMS), and the California Standardized Emergency Management System (SEMS). The material presented in this Plan has been written to be compliant with current Federal and State guidelines and strives to incorporate the best practices utilized by other institutions of higher education, U.S. Department of Education guidance documents, and Executive Orders issued from the California State University Chancellor's Office. CSUSB's Emergency Operations Plan - Basic Plan can be viewed at CSUSB Emergency Operations Plan - May 2022. Additionally, the organization provides direction for establishing emergency communications, disseminating emergency public information, and for assessing and reporting damage after an emergency incident. We encourage all faculty, staff, and students to become familiar with these Emergency Management website pages, the University's Emergency Response Procedures, as well as considering their individual emergency preparedness at home and in their vehicles.
In the event of an emergency incident, the campus community will be provided with timely messages from components of the campus Emergency Notification System, which includes: Rave Alert mass communication text and email messaging, office and classroom speakerphones, and CSUSB campus status websites