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Foreign Travel

The Foreign Travel insurance program provides coverage for faculty, students and others while traveling and studying abroad, including general liability, excess auto liability, foreign workers' compensation, accident and sickness (including medical coverage), and executive assistance services.

Foreign Travel Insurance Process

Chancellor’s Office memo (RM 2013-01) requires all CSU students, faculty, and staff traveling internationally on university business to obtain Foreign Travel Insurance through CSU’s recognized carrier. The insurance is obtained through CSUSB’s Risk Management office.  Due to the pandemic, international travel must also be approved by the President's Office. The President’s Office and Chancellor’s Office approvals are part of each travel request so prepare additional time for review. 

  1. Understand the risks of your destination and have an early awareness as to it is a "high-risk destination".  Be prepared to explain what additional steps are being taken to mitigate those risks.  We recommend that you view the Travel Warning Lists in advance.
  2. Complete the following Travel Survey to begin the review of your application.  We recommend beginning this at least 30 days in advance of travel. Travel requests that do not include a completed travel survey cannot be reviewed.
  3. Submit your Concur requests. 
  4. Risk Management will pre-screen for additional information that may be needed in the underwriting process. High-risk countries will need a longer time to process insurance requests.  Each itinerary is individually underwritten to bind coverage.
  5. Risk Management will send an email when coverage is bound and provide recommendations for travel.

To reduce some of the administrative procedures, Administration and Finance made a decision to pick up the insurance cost for international travel insurance premiums for faculty and staff. Students would be required to purchase the insurance through the Risk Management Office.  There are limited exceptions where a PI may need to fund for their insurance cost.

If travel is canceled, the traveler must notify Risk Management as soon as possible to cancel coverage and avoid unnecessary premium costs to the college/department.  Advance cancellations may be sent to,  subject line Cancelation of Travel.