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Foreign Travel

The Foreign Travel insurance program provides coverage for faculty, students and others while traveling and studying abroad, including general liability, excess auto liability, foreign workers' compensation, accident and sickness (including medical coverage), and executive assistance services.

Foreign Travel Insurance Process

Chancellor’s Office memo (RM 2013-01) requires all CSU students, faculty and staff traveling internationally on university business to obtain Foreign Travel Insurance through CSU’s recognized carrier. The insurance is obtained through CSUSB’s Risk Management office.

In order to reduce some of the process, Admin and Finance made a decision to pick up the insurance cost for international travel insurance premiums for faculty and staff. Students would be required to purchase the insurance through the Risk Management Office.

Note: There are very limited exceptions where a PI may need to fund for their insurance cost.

Traveler should understand the risks of their destination and have an early awareness as to the destinations status-is it a "high risk destination" or not. The following resources can aid in such awareness.

CSU High Hazardous Country List (CSURMA)

US State Department’s Alerts and Warnings website

Contact University Risk Management, Susan Mendoza x73937, to assist.

For basic travel, the process is as follows:

Complete Foreign Travel Insurance Request Form 

Email completed form and travel itinerary to Susan Mendoza at

Allow for at least 15 business days to process insurance request.

The traveler will receive an email that coverage is bound, please attach the confirmation that coverage is bound to the eTravel Authorization

If travel is cancelled, the traveler must notify Susan Mendoza at x73937 as soon as possible to cancel coverage and avoid unnecessary premium costs to the college/department.

For “high risk destinations", plan for extra time –a minimum of 30 days should be expected to process the approvals and insurance underwriter to bind coverage:

Complete Foreign Travel Insurance Request Form

Email completed form and travel itinerary to Susan Mendoza at

The insurance underwriters require additional information to bind coverage. Susan Mendoza will email the questionnaire to the traveler.

President’s Office and Chancellor’s Office approvals are required for the insurance company to bind coverage. This can be time consuming, based on the President’s and Chancellor’s availability.

Once President’s office has approved travel, VP/Provost’s Office will forward approval to Risk Management to assist in obtaining Chancellor’s Office approval.

Requests made to the Chancellor’s Office with less than 30 business days notice will not normally be considered.