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Additional Insured Endorsements

Describes circumstances in which the University should be named as an “additional insured” on another party’s insurance policy.

The University requires the responsible contractor (or vendor) to submit acceptable proof of insurance before work can begin or premises be used or occupied.  As proof of coverage, most insurance agents are accustomed to preparing, signing and submitting an insurance industry designed certificate of insurance.  The University/Auxiliary Organization usually requires that the insurer use forms provided by the Purchasing & Contracts Administration.  If the insurer insists on the use of insurer provided forms, the forms must be modified to comply with CSU insurance requirements.  To the extent possible, the University additionally requires endorsements to the policy rather than just certificates of insurance.  For major projects, or to be certain of coverages, retain a copy of the actual insurance policy for review.

As proof of coverage, most insurance agents and brokers will provide a document called a certificate of insurance.  Issuance of a certificate serves as evidence that the contractor has an insurance policy or, perhaps, is self insured.  However, the certificate does not modify the insurance policy itself.  It does not guarantee that the required policy provisions are in place.  Nor does the certificate tell the reader what exclusions or limitations may be found in the contractor’s insurance policy.  Therefore, the University/Auxiliary Organization must receive and review a copy of the policy or an endorsement amending the coverage to make sure that the actual coverage required is in effect.  You should make every effort to obtain and review the endorsement or actual policy before work begins pursuant to the contract.  However, because of the complexity of insurance laws and regulations and the legal implications of the various forms and wording of endorsements, analysis is best left to your Risk Manager and General Counsel.

Additional Insured:  (Liability Policies)

If the University/Auxiliary Organization is named as an Additional Insured, the endorsement should clearly state it is an Additional Insured and for what purpose.  Contractors who work on numerous projects frequently issue endorsements for “any and all work performed” also known as “blanket endorsements,” to ensure that documents are not missed on an individual contract.  Typically, the language of certificates of insurance provided by the other party does not control the terms of an insurance policy.  In an appropriate case, it may be desirable to specify that the other party’s insurance policy is primary and noncontributing and that our policy is excess.

Strongly consider being named as an Additional Insured on the other party’s policy when:

  • They are a contractor or vendor working on the University/Auxiliary Organization’s behalf.
  • They are directing or controlling the work of any of our employees in a situation where injury might result. 
  • They are leasing space in a building or on property we own.
  • They are conducting a special event, i.e. wedding, parade, concert, etc., and utilizing the University/Auxiliary Organization’s facilities.

Additional Insured Endorsement Forms:

The Insurance Services Office (ISO) provides standardized forms for use in the insurance industry that makes it somewhat easier for insurance brokers, agents and insurance purchasers to understand complex issues and provide the courts with accepted practices.  There are several additional insured forms produced by ISO that are used, some of which favor the carrier or insurance purchaser.  Understanding the form wording is useful but difficult to the novice in risk management. To help your evaluation of the additional insured endorsement, please note the following:

Acceptable ISO insurer endorsements:

  • ISO Form No. CG 20 09 11 85
  • ISO Form No. CG 20 10 11 85

Less acceptable endorsement forms (requiring review):

  • ISO Form No. CG 20 01 10 01
  • ISO Form No. CG 20 37 10 01

Unacceptable endorsement forms:

  • ISO Form No. CG 20 10 10 93
  • ISO Form No. CG 20 10 03 94
  • ISO Form No. CG 20 10 07 04
  • ISO Form No. CG 20 33 07 04
  • ISO Form No. CG 20 37 07 04
  • Modified or manuscript endorsements