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University Travel

Some of the work we do requires travel, be it across town, the nation, and/or across oceans. Before you travel on University business, it's imperative that you receive appropriate approval to travel. To aid in that process, please consult the links below:

Frequently Asked Questions


Where are the Student Travel forms kept after they are collected? How Long?

The completed and signed Student Travel forms are to be kept for a minimum of three (3) years in the field trip sponsor's academic department. For minors, the form should be kept a minimum of three years, or until the minor turns 20 (whichever is longer). If a claim is filed during this period, the department will be requested to provide a copy of the participant's signed waiver of liability form

How often do the Academic Field Trip Informed Consents Forms need to be completed?

Each student participant should complete this Academic Field Trip Waivers and/or Release of Liability Form for each University sponsored field trip or activity.

What if there are multiple trips associated with a course?

Consult Risk Management proper to executing a blanket waiver. That said, if a student participates in multiple field trip activities in a given semester, list the multiple activities (if they’re similar in nature), including dates of each, on the waiver of liability form.

What is the purpose of the hold harmless clause on the waiver of liability forms?

A hold harmless clause on a liability waiver form may have legal standing in any court of law. The participant's signature on the waiver form means that the participant will not sue the University if the participant suffers any damage or loss as a result of participating in the activity. The purpose of the hold harmless clause is to discourage claims against the University.