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Student Liability Insurance

The CSU purchased a systemwide professional liability insurance program to provide coverage for students enrolled in the Nursing, Allied Health or Education curricula. This Systemwide program is designed to satisfy the requirements of host institutions that students maintain professional liability insurance in order to participate in programs offered under affiliation agreements with the University. This insurance program includes professional and personal liability coverage with broad protection for the students, affiliates and the University. The Systemwide Student Professional Liability Insurance Program became effective August 1, 2006.

The SPL insurance program covers the student, the University and the host institution while the student is engaged in the clinical experience. It is intended to meet the contract requirements of the medical institution for their protection against some action by the student or patient. The SPL is not intended to replace any professional liability (malpractice) insurance the individual student may carry for incidents outside of the clinical experience situation.

The decision to secure individual professional liability insurance is made by each student to meet individual needs. Various insurance companies provide policies with differing terms, conditions and limits. The need for separate individual PL insurance is also different for each student and those choices should be made with the advice of licensed insurance brokers or attorneys.

Student Academic Field Experience For Credited Liability Insurance Program (SAFECLIP)

On July 1, 2007, a new insurance policy was put in force to cover “professional and personal/general liability” of enrolled students performing community service or volunteer work for academic credit, and students enrolled in radio, television or film credential programs. This policy protects the student, the university and the community partners at a very low cost /year per student affected. Executive Order 1012 was issued to authorize the campus presidents to establish a SAFECLIP fee.

  • Nursing Professions
  • Allied Health Professions
  • Social Work/Social Welfare Professions