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Student Auditions

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Student Auditions

Bachelor of Arts in Music Students: All new music majors must complete an audition for placement in applied lessons and performance ensembles. Please see the audition requirements for your specific instrument area below.

Bachelor of Music Students: To apply for entrance into the Bachelor of Music degree, students should have completed MUS 2120 Theory I, MUS 2125 Musicianship I, MUS 2130 Theory II, and MUS 2135 Musicianship II with a minimum grade of B-, or for students with transfer credit for those courses, an equivalent grade on a diagnostic test of music theory knowledge. Students must also complete an audition and submit a written essay. Please see the audition requirements for your specific instrument area below. Essays should contain between 600 and 1000 words (two to three pages), and detail an applicant's prior experience and achievements in music, willingness to commit to the rigor of a professional program, and future professional aspirations. The essay must document a well-developed ability to communicate in written form, experience and achievements that suggest exceptional talent, and professional aspirations and commitment consistent with the stated purpose of the BM degree.

Audition Guidelines

All auditioning students must complete the audition form and upload a video recording of their audition.  Please see the audition requirements for your area for technique and repertoire requirements.  Here are the guidelines for your video audition recording:

  1. At the beginning of the recording, please state your name, whether you are a freshman or transfer student, your email address, and your phone number.
  2. Please ensure that you can be heard clearly, and that the audio and video capturing are as high quality as possible.
  3. Recordings must be unedited and without artificial enhancement for reverb or pitch.
  4. Before submitting your recording, please watch it through to ensure that your audition was captured in its entirety.
  5. Upload options: Option A) Upload your video to YouTube (making sure the video is set to "Unlisted" and NOT to "Private") or Vimeo and paste the link to the video on the audition form. Option B) Attach your video directly to the audition form (10GB max file size).

Current Students Interested in BM Fall 2021

Current BA students enrolled at CSUSB wanting to be considered for admittance into the Bachelor of Music degree program (Performance and Pre-Certification) for Fall 2021 should upload an audition video as well as the required essay and unofficial transcripts by Monday, May 17th, 2021. Please see audition requirements and upload buttons below. Please note you will not be required to do an audition interview. 

Prospective Students for BA/BM 2022-2023

Auditions for prospective students for the 2021-2022 admissions season (for entry to the program in the 2022-2023 academic year) will continue to be handled virtually, and will be in two parts:

  1. Student submission of audition form and video.
  2. Zoom interview with area faculty.

The audition video and submission form are due by February 1, 2022. Note that the form will ask you to submit a series of very brief statements about your past musical experience, about why you are interested in studying music at CSUSB, and about your future goals. We recommend that you have these statements drafted and ready to copy and paste into the submission form before you begin. Once your form and recording have been received, you will be contacted by the Department of Music to schedule your audition interview with the faculty.  


Audition Requirements


Audition Requirements

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Composition & Technology Audition Requirements


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Class Piano Placement: All music majors, in either the BA and BM program, may audition for advanced placement in class piano courses. This is independent of, but can be in addition to, any class piano transfer credit a student transfers to CSUSB. Sufficiently skilled students can test completely out of the department's piano proficiency requirements. Students interested in a class piano placement audition should contact the department at

Theory & Musicianship Placement: All music majors may also seek advanced placement in the department's music theory and musicianship course sequence. To inquire about diagnostic testing for that purpose, interested students should contact the department at

Questions: Please contact and we will be happy to assist.