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Student Auditions

The CSUSB Music Department offers two degree programs: the Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Music, and the Bachelor of Music (BM) with concentrations in performance and in music education. As you consider your degree options, please visit our academics page, and if you are interested in applying for music scholarships, please also visit the music scholarships page.

BM Entrance Auditions for Continuing Students

Current music majors (in the BA or Pre-BM tracks) who wish to enter the BM program will be required to complete a live audition as part of their performance juries during Exam Week of the semester prior to the one they wish to begin BM coursework. (For example, students who wish to begin their BM in Fall 2023 will audition as part of their Spring 2023 jury.)

Fill out the application form below, where you will be asked to submit your personal essay and unofficial transcripts. For further information on how your instrument area will schedule an audition during juries, consult your applied instructor.

Continuing Students: Submit BM Audition Here

BA Placement and BM Entrance Auditions for Prospective/Incoming Students

Prospective and incoming students interested in majoring in music at CSUSB should complete the following:

  • apply to the university, through CSUSB’s Cal State Apply portal
  • schedule a music department placement audition, through the steps below

All incoming prospective music majors should complete the Audition Application Form below to submit your interest in scheduling a placement audition. For students looking to begin in Fall 2024, the auditions will be in January-February 2024. The application form is due by January 15th, 2024. Once your form has been received, we will contact you to schedule your live audition with the faculty.

Prospective Students: Submit Audition Form Here

Further Information for new/incoming Bachelor of Music (BM) applicants:

Anyone admitted to CSUSB is able to declare a BA in Music, while the BM program has selective entrance requirements, with additional application materials required. Typically, first-time freshmen applicants enter the BA and then apply for the BM at the end of their first year, while transfer students enter the BM directly. If you are interested in applying directly to the BM program, please have the following materials ready before you fill out the application form:

  • A personal essay of between 600 and 1000 words (two to three pages). 
    • This should detail your prior experience and achievements in music, your willingness to commit to the rigor of a professional program, and your future professional aspirations. The essay must document a well-developed ability to communicate in written form, experience and achievements that suggest exceptional talent, and professional aspirations and commitment consistent with the stated purpose of your degree.
    • Please upload your essay in DOC or PDF format to a Drive or Dropbox folder and paste its link in the form.
  • Your latest unofficial transcript(s) from your highest level of education. 
    • Transfer students should have completed at least one year (2 semesters, or 3 quarters) of music theory and musicianship courses at their previous institution with minimum C- grades. Those who do not meet this requirement may be required to complete a theory placement examination upon matriculating, and/or re-take the courses at CSUSB.
    • Please upload your transcript(s) from in PDF format to a Drive or Dropbox folder and paste its link in the form.
Audition Requirements and Dates


Audition Requirements

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Voice Audition Requirements



Woodwind Audition Requirements



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Piano & Organ Audition Requirements


Class Piano Placement: All music majors in either the BA and BM program may choose audition for advanced placement in class piano courses. This is independent of, but can be in addition to, any class piano transfer credit a student transfers to CSUSB. Sufficiently skilled students can test completely out of the department's piano proficiency requirements. Students interested in a class piano placement audition should contact the department at

Theory & Musicianship Placement: All music majors may also seek advanced placement in the department's music theory and musicianship course sequence. To inquire about diagnostic testing for that purpose, interested students should contact the department at

Please contact and we will be happy to assist.