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CSUSB's music students include music majors, music minors, and students from nearly every other major on campus. Music majors study music education, performance, composition, music technology, commercial music, opera theater, and music history. Music students minor in general music, alternative styles, and recording arts, and perform in many of CSUSB's diverse performing ensembles. Every semester, the Music Department offers MUS 1800 Studies in Music and MUS 3080 Women in Music, two of the more popular General Education courses on campus, and MUS 3705 Music for Elementary Classroom Teachers, a required course for most Liberal Studies students.

Students interested in majoring or minoring in music begin with a review the corresponding 'advice' links in the vertical menu on the left. Those links provide descriptions of various Music degree tracks and minors, including degree roadmaps (what courses to take when), and information about music scholarships, music advising, other important academic information. Students interested in performing opportunities should review the 'Ensembles' link above. Most music ensembles are open to any student on campus who has sufficient musical experience.

Students are also encouraged to contact the department by email at with questions about any music courses or programs.