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Bachelor of Arts in Music

CSUSB's Bachelor of Arts in Music provides a broad study of music balanced with significant general studies in the humanities, natural sciences, and social sciences. The core of required music courses provides a foundation in music theory, history, and performance, while General Education courses balance musical study with significant exposure to many other disciplines. Additionally, the degree's free electives allow students to pursue study in areas of particular interest, including, with the permission of a music advisor, the substitution of courses from disciplines outside of music. Students are encouraged to consider completion of a minor as part of their elective study.

For more information on degree requirements please visit Bachelor of Arts in Music Bulletin.

Bachelor of Music

Entrance to Bachelor of Music requires a demonstration of significant academic, performance, and intellectual achievement. Students may apply at any time for entrance to the Bachelor of Music, but freshmen students usually apply to enter the program after the completion of two semesters of CSUSB coursework, and transfers usually apply immediately before their first semester of enrollment.  Students whose initial application does not result in acceptance into the program may apply a maximum of one additional time.

Only Bachelor of Music students in performance concentrations may enroll in "applied and repertoire" courses (MUS 2390-2395, 3390-3395, and 4390-4395), and they may enroll for a maximum of three semesters at each level.  After three semesters at one level, a student unable to satisfy completion requirements cannot continue in the Bachelor of Music degree and will be counseled to instead pursue the BA in Music or a degree in some other discipline.

For more information on degree requirements please visit Bachelor of Music Bulletin.