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Mariachi Los Coyotes

CSUSB's Mariachi Los Coyotes is a newly established ensemble that is open to any student, regardless of major, who sings, or plays violin, viola, cello, double bass, B-flat trumpet, harp, guitar, vihuela, or guitarron.  This class will feature mariachi specialists as guest artists and lecturers, and students will have the opportunity to sing and play, and learn about the history, culture, music, and fashion of mariachi.  All are welcome!  As part of this ensemble, students regularly perform in the Inland Empire, engaging in educational outreach performances for schools and events for the community.

CSUSB Mariachi Los Coyotes Mission, Vision & Values


The mission of CSUSB's Mariachi Los Coyotes is to holistically develop the talent of music students in the Inland Empire and actively contribute to the artistic vibrancy of our region.


The vision of CSUSB's Mariachi Los Coyotes for it’s student members is to give them the opportunity to learn and perform a diverse range of music from the mariachi repertoire, develop both one’s solo and supportive artistic voice in a smaller ensemble setting, hone key ensemble skills such as watching, listening, and breathing, engage with mariachi specialists, learn about the history, culture, music, and fashion of mariachi, and participate in interdisciplinary collaborations and educational outreach, all while developing the highest levels of musicianship, professionalism, and audience engagement skills.  This program seeks to empower every student to further their self-exploration and growth so that they may actively work toward achieving their dreams, and becoming artist citizens who make unique and meaningful contributions to both their local and globally-connected communities. 

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The vision of CSUSB's Mariachi Los Coyotes for our San Bernardino, Inland Empire, and greater Southern California communities, is to provide a hub for our communities to come and enjoy cultural performances of the highest calibre.  We value audience engagement and feedback, we seek to be relevant to our communities, and we actively engage in the mutually shared goals of education, community development, and celebration of the arts in the Inland Empire.

CSUSB Mariachi Los Coyotes Photo Gallery


CSUSB's Mariachi Los Coyotes is contextualized by the core values of the university, which are:

  • Inclusivity that honors diverse perspectives and beliefs
  • Respect for every individual
  • Equitable treatment of and opportunities for every individual
  • Celebration of diversity
  • An innovative learning environment that prioritizes high standards of excellence in teaching, research, and scholarship
  • Integrity in character, conduct, and communications
  • Transparency in leadership, governance, and instruction
  • Sustainable program goals, recruitment practices, and stewardship of resources
  • Wellness and safety of everyone

CSUSB Mariachi Los Coyotes Membership

Students, CSUSB faculty members, and community artists are all invited to participate in California State University, San Bernardino's Mariachi Los Coyotes.  Membership in CSUSB's Mariachi Los Coyotes is open to all students regardless of major; you do not have to be a music major to participate.  High school students are eligible to participate through Open University (freshman and sophomores) and CSUSB’s High School University Program (juniors and seniors), and middle school students are eligible to participate through Open University with their instructor’s permission.  Transferable university/college credit is available through both Open University and the High School University Program, and so please email Dr. Lewis to receive the registration forms and information.  Membership is by audition only and auditions are held the first week of each semester.  

CSUSB Mariachi Los Coyotes Opportunities

CSUSB's Mariachi Los Coyotes were recently featured in the CSUSB Music Department Symphony Orchestra Concert in March of 2019, and have also been invited to perform for CSUSB Latino Education and Advocacy Days (LEAD) events.

Susan Felix Mariachi II

In addition to performing, members of Mariachi Los Coyotes also have access to a variety of special opportunities that include a collaborative relationship with the San Bernardino Symphony Orchestra, and access to participation in the CSUSB American String Teachers Association Student Chapter: Yotie Edition.  

American String Teacher's Association

California State University, San Bernardino Student Chapter: Yotie Edition Opportunities:


Admission into Mariachi Los Coyotes is by audition and non-majors are welcome. For more information about auditions for Mariachi Los Coyotes, please contact Dr. Angela Romero at -- you may also connect with us on the String & Orchestral Program's Facebook page.