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Spring 2024

Saturday, January 13, 2024



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Courses and Course Schedule

New PAWS login for students

Important Information 

We want to make sure students understand their options and responsibilities in order to proceed promptly through the program. 

Please read your MPA Student Handbook (button above). We review this in the required MPA New Student Orientation. Please be sure to attend the new student orientation, zoom link and date is listed above. Also read and bookmark the Graduate Studies page on Policies and Procedures.

Create a course plan for yourself following the guidance in the MPA Handbook and your PAWS.  Each student's plan will be different depending on how many classes they are able to take at a time.  Plan carefully to assure the classes you want are offered the semester you want them. See also our Online Courses page.   

Please review your PAWS and plan your degree. Your PAWS is your road map in completing your MPA program. Please monitor it constantly. Guide on accessing your PAWS report is accessible by clicking the New PAWS login for students (button above). We encourage you to map out a plan for your intended courses. We do not have a set course sequence or pattern because everyone's needs are different. Need help registering for classes?

Key Notes
  1. PA 6110 MUST be your first class if it is available. PA 6110 is designated as a writing-intensive class and must be passed with at least a B- to remain in the MPA program.

  2. PA 6030 should be your second class. 

  3. If you need an internship, you must complete it before you can Advance to Candidacy.

  4. If you are a semester catalog student, you must take two semesters of 6985 the professional development seminar.

  5. Take PA 6630 before taking PA 6150 if  you are in the Public Financial Management concentration 

  6. Take 6500 before your cybersecurity classes if you are in the Cybersecurity Concentration

  7. Complete your myCAP (semester catalog) or submit your Advancement to Candidacy request form (quarter catalog) after taking 5 classes and attend the required mid-degree advising session.

  8. Take PA 6800 as your last core class in you are following the quarter catalog. Take PA 6550 as your last class under the semester catalog. PA 6550 must be passed with a B or better.

  9. File a Graduation Check at least one semester BEFORE you intend to graduate. This is submitted online with the Office of the Registrar. You need to be advanced to candidacy to be able to file for a grad check. 

  10. Register for PA 6980 the Comprehensive Examination in your last semester (Electives may be taken with or after PA 6980). Please carefully read the PA 6980 web page carefully to determine your eligibility. 


Additional Resources

Keep track of important dates, holidays, breaks, registration, exams- through the official Academic Calendar -- bookmark it!

The ultimate authority is the University Bulletin please read it for information about the MPA program.

Get career development services with Dr. Pamela Abell.  Working with her is a co-requirement for PA 6980. 

The Faculty and Staff of Public Administration Department is Here to Help! Please contact us to answer specific questions. 

MPA Director: Dr. Robert Stokes