CSUSB Alert: Power is out on the San Bernardino Campus

An unplanned regional power outage impacting the San Bernardino campus occurred shortly after 2 p.m; all operations will be closed the rest of today. Normal operations will resume Thursday.

Facilities Management will monitor the situation and respond to campus building issues once power is restored. 

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Online Courses

Important Information About Online Courses

The Public Administration Department offers classes both in traditional and online formats.  Students select which they will take each semester based on schedules and personal learning styles.   Online classes may be either asynchronous (no specified time) or involve synchronous elements (must be available online at a certain time).

Asynchronous online classes are different than face to face classes.  It is not simply that there are no on campus meetings, but how we go about learning is different.  There are still reading assignments and papers or projects, but in place of the three hours of in-class time there are online discussions, exercises, or other activities.  Also in place of three hours on one evening – you are expected to engage online in Canvas 3-4 or more times per week, posting, reading other students posting, or carrying out other online activities.  The purpose is not to be doing more or less than a face to face class, but to structure the time differently. 

Hybrid or mixed models of online classes have both synchronous and asynchronous elements, but none of them require meeting on the CSUSB campus.

While core classes are offered every semester, they alternate between online and on campus, so online students must plan carefully to assure the classes they want are offered online the semester they want them.  Please see a potential
Roadmap for Online Students as a guide.

Our class schedule lists either a OL or a P next to the class number. 

OL is online.  P is traditional face to face.

Virtual Evenings - Classes with a Virtual (V) evening are online - but students must be available that evening for tests or other special assignments.

The Department of Public Administration has adopted some Best Practices in Online Teaching.

NOTE: Class material on Canvas is not guaranteed to be available after the term.  Download whatever information and assignments you want saved.

For an introduction to Canvas visit the ATI website for tutorials: https://www.csusb.edu/canvas/student-resources. 

For assistance with Canvas issues 24/7 - contact our IT Helpdesk

NOTE FOR CSU EMPLOYEES: The CSUSB online program is a stateside program and thus eligible for regular tuition waiver. 

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