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Public Administration Courses
Courses Description.               
PA 3050 Organizations in Multicultural and Diverse Societies
PA 3070 Public Relations in the Public Sector
PA 3150  Government-Business Relations
PA 3800 Introduction to Public Administration
PA 4620 Managing Human Resources in the Public Sector
PA 4630 Governmental Budgeting
PA 4700 Public Policy and Administration 
PA 5010 Administrative Leadership

PA 5140

Nonprofit Management and Leadership

PA 5150 Executive Nonprofit Leadership 

PA 5170

Nonprofit Fundraising and Grantwriting

PA 5190 Diversity and Public Organizations
PA 5200

Water Law, Regulation and Policy

PA 5210

Urban Growth and Planning

PA 5280 Intergovernmental Administration

PA 5570

Public Sector Labor Relations

PA 5640

Local Public Administration

PA 5680

Accounting for Government and Not-for-Profit Organizations

PA 5730

Public Transportation Planning, Policy and Regulation

PA 5753

Undergraduate Internship

PA 5900

Special Topics in Public Administration

PA 5953

Independent Study

PA 6030 Research Methods in Administration
PA 6110 Public Administration Theory and Practice
PA 6150 Public and Nonprofit Financial Management
PA 6170 Management of Local Economic Development
PA 6300 Program Evaluation
PA 6500 Government in the Digital Age
PA 6550 Capstone: Strategic Planning for Government and Nonprofit Organizations
PA 6610 Principles of Public and Nonprofit Procurement
PA 6620 Human Resource Management in the Public Sector
PA 6630 Public Budgeting and Finance
PA 6640 Management of Public Organizations
PA 6700 Emergency Management
PA 6720 Administrative Regulation
PA 6755 Graduate Internship
PA 6800 Public Policy Analysis
PA 6900 Advanced Topics in Public Administration
PA 6980 Comprehensive Examination
PA 6990

Continuous Enrollment

2023-24 Department of Public Administration Catalog