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Concentration in Leadership


You deserve a solid education and a promising, secure career. The Leadership Concentration provides well-rounded instruction to students who are, or would like to be, managers and executives in the public service. Managing any public organization is a challenge, with calls for efficiency, effectiveness, transparency, and due process.  Mentored by our highly regarded faculty, students become leaders who have a thorough understanding of day-to-day management, and the knowledge needed to guide their agencies into the future.  Graduates learn to inspire confidence in their followers, clients, and the general public. 
Learn the basic theories and methods used in public management, human resource management, budget and finance, information technology, policy analysis, and administrative law.  Take an in-depth look at issues such as transformational leadership, ethical leadership, distributed leadership, social change leadership, and collaborative leadership.  Adapt and hone your skills as you examine leadership differences between the public and private sector, the public and nonprofit sector, and between agencies with different missions at varying levels of government.


Quarter System

The concentration requires students to take the regular MPA core classes, plus PA 501 Administrative Leadership. 
Students may select any two of the following for the required second and third electives:
PA 514: Management of Private Nonprofit Organizations  
PA 516: Public and Non-Profit Project Management 
PA 557  Public Sector Labor Relations
PA 655  Strategic Planning for Governments
PA 564: Local Public Administration 
PA 573: Public Transportation Planning, Policy and Regulations
PA 619: Diversity and Public Organizations 
PA 628: Intergovernmental Administration 
PA 670: Emergency Management

Other classes related to Leadership may be acceptable if approved by the MPA Director

Comprehensive Exam Requirement: Those electing to take the Leadership Concentration MUST answer course based questions for PA 662 and PA 664