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Concentration in Community Planning and Management


The concentration in Community Planning and Management is for students who wish to work in the planning and management of places: including those who seek to work as public planners, city managers, parks and recreational area managers, federal, state and county land management agencies, economic development, housing planners, and community organizers. 

The specialized course work in this concentration is centered on the general aims of  planning for healthy, vibrant and sustainable communities. These include effective land use planning;  transportation and mobility systems that are environmentally sound; effective and equitable economic development; planning strategies for increased housing development; the redevelopment and revitalization of neighborhoods, downtowns and former industrial areas; natural area planning and resource management; emergency and resiliency planning; and the promotion of democratic, citizen-centered systems of place management and governance.


The concentration requires students to take the regular MPA core classes, the three concentration courses listed below, and any other two additional electives as approved by the MPA Director.

Community Planning and Management Concentration Courses 

Required Courses 

PA 5200 Sustainability Policy and Management (3)

PA 5210 Community Planning and Management (3)

PA 5640 Economic and Community Development (3)