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Undergraduate Advising

About Advising

For academic advising please contact the Office of Advising & Academic Services- ASUA.  ASUA

Faculty and Staff in Public Administration want to be sure that students understand their options and are helped to proceed promptly through the program and successfully graduate. Please contact us at any time for advice or guidance.

Please view the current Division of PA Undergraduate Advising Responsibilities.

For general administrative and registration issues contact us at 537-5758 or email:

  • Ana Sanchez  

For general questions please contact our Undergraduate Coordinator (TBD).

The ultimate authority for academic rules and regulations is the University Bulletin

Students are encouraged to participate in extracurricular activities.  Please take note of the University Diversity Committee and of the Associated Students INC (ASI) .

Roadmaps to Graduation

Try Our Online Courses 

The Public Administration Department occasionally offers online classes for undergraduates.  Online classes are different than face to face classes.  It is not simply that we don’t meet on campus, but how we go about learning is different.  We still have reading assignments and papers or projects, but in place of the four hours of in-class time we establish online discussions, exercises, or other activities.  Also in place of four hours on one evening – you are expected to engage online  on Canvas 3-4 or more times per week, posting, reading other students posting, or carrying out other online activities.  The purpose is not to be doing more or less than a face to face class, but to structure the time differently. Consult the Courses and Course Schedule for details.

For an introduction to Canvas, view the tutorials in Canvas Student Resources.