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Electives in the MPA Program

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The basic curriculum of the MPA program has nine (9) core classes and three (3) electives. We typically offer three electives each semester – two online and one on campus.  Electives can be PA classes at the 500 or 600 level, but at least one of the three must be at the 600 level.  500 and 600 level MPA courses can be found on Courses and Course Schedule page.

Students are encouraged to think strategically about their electives. You should take classes that will enhance your career aspirations and not just what is available.  With PRIOR approval from Dr. Robert Stokes you may take appropriate graduate classes from other departments or other universities.  For example, if you are in Law Enforcement, you may wish to take a criminal justice class.  If you are in the health field you may wish to take a health administration class. 

The MPA program has three concentrations—Cybersecurity ConcentrationConcentration in Leadership and Concentration in Public Financial Management.  If you choose to do a concentration, your three electives will be specified in those areas.  Please consult the appropriate webpage.


Electives - Offered at variable times
Course Description Course Description
PA 5010 Administrative Leadership PA 5640 Local Public Administration 
PA 5140 Nonprofit Management and leadership PA 5730 Public Transportation Systems 
PA 5150 Executive Nonprofit Leadership PA 6150 Public and Nonprofit Financial Management
PA 5170 Nonprofit Fundraising and Grantwriting PA 6170 Managing Local Economic Development 
PA 5190 Managing Diversity in Organizations PA 6300 Program Evaluation
PA 5200 Water Law and Policy  PA 6500 Government in the Digital Age
PA 5210 Urban Growth and Planning  PA 6610 Principles of Public and Nonprofit Procurement
PA 5280 Intergovernmental Relations  PA 6700 Emergency Management 
PA 5570 Public Sector Labor Relations PA 6720 Administrative Regulation