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Roommate Groups

During the application process, You are encouraged to create a Roommate Group if interested in living with specific individuals.  You can create or join a Roommate Group at any point, but it is advised to do so before priority deadlines in order to secure an earlier room selection time slot. Please note, the person who creates the group is the “group leader”; group leader can be passed to another individual with an earlier time slot. Only those who accept invitations become group members.

To create a Roommate Group

  1.  Click “Create Group” on the Roommate Group page on the housing application
  2. Enter a unique Group Name and Password, select “Create Group” button
  3. The roommate group has been created and you are the Group Leader
  4. Give your Group Name and Password to those you wish to join your roommate group. Note: A roommate group has a maximum size of 4 members.
  5. When you invite others to the roommate group, you will see a list of pending requests.
    1. “Pending Outgoing Requests” are those people you or a group member have invited to be part of your roommate group and are awaiting their decision to accept or decline.
    2. “Pending Incoming Requests” are invitations from others to be part of their group and are awaiting your decision to accept or decline.
    3. Those who accept invitations are displayed as group members.
    4. Those who decline will not become a group member and will be removed from Pending Incoming/Outgoing Requests.

To join a Roommate Group

  • On the Roommate Group page on the housing application, click “Join Group” if you have the specific Group Name and Password from the Group Leader.
  • If you only know the Group Name, click “Search For Roommate Group” to find the group and request to be added to the group. The Group Leader would need to accept your request for you to be added to the group.

To leave a Roommate Group

  • If you no longer want to be part of a group, you will need to first remove yourself from your current group.
  • If you are a Group Leader and want to leave the group, make sure to transfer Leadership to another group member before you leave the group.
  • While a member a group, you will not be able to be invited to other groups. To be added to a different group, first remove yourself from your current group.