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Dr. Keting Chen’s Lab

Dr. Keting Chen's Lab


Dr. Chen’s Lab engages in research related to early STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) literacy, involving children, parents, and teachers. Research conducted in Chen’s Lab centers on understanding best practices for supporting caregivers (both teachers and parents) in enhancing children’s STEM skills. The research includes: 1) understanding individual differences (e.g., cognitive skills, age, gender) in young children’s STEM skills, 2) identifying factors within early learning environments (e.g., type of activities, materials, interactions) that relate to young children’s learning of STEM skills, and 3) developing and disseminating interventions and curricular programs to promote children’s early STEM experiences in both the childcare and home contexts.

The current ongoing lab research aims to explore how parents support young children’s learning of math skills at home. CSUSB students involved in Chen’s Lab will have opportunities to be trained in early math content and to practice research skills (e.g., reviewing literature, coding videos, analyzing both quantitative and qualitative data, reporting results). Students interested in this line of research will also be encouraged and supported to develop their own research plans.

I will have research assistant positions available for 1-2 students. Prior research experience is not required, but students with enthusiasm and time commitment (e.g., at least 5 hours weekly) are preferred.

How to Join:

If you’re interested in joining, please contact Dr. Keting Chen. Get more info!