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Team ACCES Lab

Team ACCES Lab


Team ACCES research lab stands for Access to Child Care and Equity for Students. Research conducted in my lab focuses on early childhood education specifically ways to improve learning environments for young children including teacher work environments and education and equity issues. Students involved in Team ACCES have the opportunity to participate in various activities including active research (e.g. recruitment, data entry, cleaning, and analyses) and gain experiences in writing manuscripts, conference proposals/presentations, grants, and research briefs. Research conducted in my research lab is predominately community-based and action-based research with the aim of making a difference within the community and beyond. Additionally, I employ both quantitative and qualitative methods within in my research.

This research lab is an opportunity to get hands-on experience as well as having regular meetings to explain the process and why things are designed and implemented a particular way within the research.

Contact information:

If you’re interested in Team ACCES, please contact Dr. Amy van Schagen.  Get more info!