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Departmental Honors Program

Child Development Honors Program Overview (2024-2025 Academic Year) 

Welcome to the Child Development Honors Program at CSUSB (California State University, San Bernardino)! The honors experience is a full academic year program (Fall and Spring) for high-achieving and dedicated students. This program is a great opportunity for students to expand their experience with research, engage in one-on-one mentorship with a faculty member, and create applicable materials for graduate school or career readiness.  

Program Highlights: 

  • Research Engagement: Work closely with a faculty mentor on a research project aligning with your interests in child development. 
  • Academic Development: Develop essential academic writing and presentation skills that will serve you well in your academic and professional pursuits. 
  • Graduate Insights: Gain valuable insights into graduate programs in Child Development and related fields, helping you make informed decisions about your future educational path. 
  • Career Readiness: Apply your research and problem-solving skills to align with your career aspirations in child development. 


Program Requirements: 

  • Mentorship Commitment: Engage in a two-semester research project under the guidance of a faculty mentor. 
  • Seminar Attendance: Attend the Child Development Honors Seminar course during the fall and spring semesters (earning a total of 3 units of course credit during the academic year).
  • Research Presentation: Present your research findings through a poster and verbal presentation. 
  • Final Research Paper: Complete a comprehensive research paper (earning 3 units of independent research credit during the academic year). 
  • Additional Requirements: Adhere to detailed program requirements as outlined in the course syllabus towards career and graduate school readiness. 



To be eligible for the Child Development Honors Program, students should meet a minimum GPA requirement of 3.5. If you have unique circumstances or need accommodation, please don't hesitate to reach out to us. If you're interested in applying for the Child Development Honors Program, identify a potential faculty mentor, schedule a meeting with them to discuss fit with their research, provide research interests within child development, and submit a statement of purpose. If you need help figuring out how to connect with a faculty member, please contact the honors program director, Dr. Kevin Rosales, at


Faculty Participation: 

  • Amy van Schagen (early childhood focus): Will accept 1 student. 
  • Eugene Wong (K-12 focus): Will accept 1-2 students. 
  • Keting Chen (early childhood focus): Will accept 1-2 students. 
  • Kevin Rosales (K-12 focus): Will accept 2 students. 
  • Lisa Looney (K-12 focus): Will accept 2 students. 
  • Stacy Morris (Adolescence and emerging adulthood focus): Will accept 1-2 students. 

Application Timeline for Spring Semester: 

  • Applications Open (March 4th): We will send an email to all CD students to introduce the program and start accepting applications. 
  • Online Application Deadline (April 24th): All applications must be sent by this date. 
  • Notifications of Acceptance into Program (April 29th): You must confirm your participation in the program, attend the orientation, and sign up for the Spring semester coursework.  
  • Orientation and Meet & Greet (early May): Accepted students will attend an orientation session, including a meet and greet with their assigned mentor. 

Fill out this short online application by the deadline to be considered for the program! 

Don't miss this exciting opportunity to take your Child Development education to the next level and graduate with an honors designation! 

If you have any questions or need further information, please contact Dr. Kevin Rosales at 

We look forward to welcoming you to the Child Development Honors Program for the 2024-2025 academic year!