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Departmental Honors Program

The Department of Child Development invites students majoring in Child Development to apply to our Honors Program. In this program, our top students engage in research activities under the supervision of a Child Development faculty sponsor. This is a year long program that begins in the fall. Students will work independently with a faculty mentor and enroll in seminar courses during the Fall and Spring semesters. Students planning to pursue graduate training in Child Development are strongly encouraged to apply.

Core Components

Departmental Honors is a yearlong program with two components:

  1. Individual research assistantship under the guidance of a Child Development faculty mentor, culminating in a written paper on a related topic.
  2. Weekly seminars each semester (need to register separately for Fall and Spring) with faculty coordinator, Dr. Manpreet Dhillon Brar, who will serve as support for the research and writing processes, introducing students to graduate school options, research presentation methods, and career paths. 

Course description:

This course guides students in their independent research projects alongside various child development faculty as mentors. The seminars will engage students in research and career development with a variety of topics being covered related to graduate school and professional development. Enrollment is limited to students whose formal application for departmental honors has been approved. Prerequisites: CD 3310, 3398 and consent of the department.

Upon completion of the two seminars over the course of one academic year, students will be able to:

  • Engage in research activities under the mentorship of a Child Development (CD) faculty member
  • Demonstrate effective academic writing and presentation skills
  • Develop an understanding of graduate programs in CD and related fields
  • Prepare for graduate school applications
  • Become socialized into the hidden curriculum of academia
  • Apply research and problem-solving skills to career goals

Sample Seminar Topics

  • Research process
  • Using the library for research
  • Building Your Application – Preparing C.V.s and Resumes
  • How to prepare an abstract for Research Conference applications
  • Ethics in social science research
  • Masters Programs in Child Development and related fields
  • Components of a Graduate School Application
  • Building Your Application: Preparing Statements of Purpose
  • Graduate School Admissions
  • Careers in Child Development
  • Graduate Student Panel
  • Child Development Faculty Panel
  • Research Poster/Presentation Tips
  • Applied and Research Perspectives in Child Development
  • Mastering Grad School Interviews
  • Road to Becoming a professor

Our selection guidelines are kept flexible to accommodate differing applicant pools from year-to-year. Requirements for the departmental honors program: 

  1. at least a 3.5 GPA in the major;
  2. an overall GPA of 3.5 or better;
  3. completion of the Application for Honors Program in Child Development, which includes a statement of purpose.

Application and Requirements

Prospective honors students are strongly encouraged to begin planning for the honors program no later than the spring semester prior to their Senior year.

What are the requirements of the program?

  • Students are required to commit to the honors program and working under the guidance of a faculty mentor for two semesters.
  • In addition to conducting research in a child development faculty mentor’s laboratory for 6-7 hours a week, students are also required to attend weekly seminars. 
  • A research poster, verbal presentation, and a final research paper on the student’s research project are all required. Other assignments are required as well and will be detailed in the course syllabi. 

Application components: 

  • Provide information about research interests you have within child development and rank order the current child development faculty members you would like to work with for your honors research assistantship. 
  • Provide a 500-word (approximately) statement of purpose describing why you want to participate in this program, what you hope to study and accomplish, and why you feel that you are qualified to complete a written and presentable research project, including detailed descriptions of any previous research experience.


Applications are due by Friday, May 6th, 2022 and final decisions will be provided to students by May 13, 2022. 


Click here to apply for 2022-2023 Honors Program


Prospective honors students are strongly encouraged to begin planning for the honors program

no later than the spring semester prior to their Senior year.

Prospective applicants should contact Dr. Manpreet Dhillon Brar at with their questions.