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Observation, Lab, and Advanced Practicum Courses

How to navigate required observation, lab, and advanced practicum courses

All CD students are required to complete observation, lab, and advanced practicum courses as part of their degree programs.  Please see the information below to assure that you are taking these courses in the required order AND during the correct semester.  Please note that some courses are only offered ONE TIME PER YEAR.

ECD refers to the Early Childhood Development Concentration. CAD refers to the Child and Adolescent Development concentration.

For further information, use the Degree Roadmaps provided below to determine when you should be taking these courses.

Introduction and Observation Courses

Age Specific, Lab, and Advanced Practicum CoursesEnrolling in Lab Courses and the Advanced Practicum Course

Students planning on taking CD 2281, 2282, 2291, 2292, 2286, 2287, and 5575 should follow these steps:

  1. Enroll in whichever course you are ELIGIBLE to take (see the graphic above) through MyCoyote during your enrollment appointment. DO NOT enroll in a course if you HAVE NOT met the prerequisites.
    • For example, you are not eligible to enroll in CD 5575 until you have completed CD 2282, 2292, or CD 2287. Generally, this means you will be taking CD 5575 during your Junior or Senior year.  
    • All lab courses and the advanced practicum course include both a seminar and clinical section. When you enroll, you will know the time and day of the seminar class immediately, and your practicum site will arranged before the semester begins.
    • Currently in-person practicum sites are only available for CD 2281, 2282, 2291, 2292, and 5575.  Students taking CD 2286 and 2287 are completing virtual assignments at this time.
  2. How to select an IN-PERSON lab/advanced practicum site:
    • You will receive an email from your lab or advanced practicum instructor before the semester begins. This email will be sent to your student email address and will contain a link to select your placement site (including the day and time you will be attending).  Access to this link is first-come-first-served. Sites are pre-selected and you DO NOT choose your own placement site. In addition, you may NOT use your place of employment to complete your advanced practicum and/or lab hours.

    • Information will also be provided in this email and/or link if there are steps that you need to take prior to your first day of lab/advanced practicum (such as obtaining a TB test or fingerprint clearance).  

    • Expect to be at your lab site for 3 hours per week and your advanced practicum site for about 6 hours each week to fulfil the required hours.

For any additional questions about CD 5575, please email and you will be directed to the appropriate faculty member.