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General Information

What are the requirements of Physical Therapy graduate school programs?

Please view the links below for a list of requirements at various physical therapy schools in the area.

What are some career options for Exercise Science majors?

Exercise Physiologist, Athletic Trainer, Biomechanist, Personal Trainer, Researcher, Aerobics/Group Exercise Instructor, Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation Specialist, Dietitian/Sports Nutritionist, Employee Fitness Director, Medical Physician, Occupational Physiologist, Physical/Occupational Therapist, Strength (Sport) and Conditioning Coach, Teacher/Lecturer/Professor



Where can I find information on my upcoming commencement ceremony?

The Commencement Office has information about upcoming commencement ceremonies.

What are the Kinesiology Department’s faculty office hours?

All Kinesiology faculties’ office hours are posted in the department office at the front desk.

How do I add a class?

If a class is open, you may add classes through MyCoyote until the first week of classes is over. After the first week, or if the class is already closed, you will need to come to the Kinesiology Department office to get an add slip for the instructor to sign and we will add you to the class. You have until the census date, which is about three weeks into every quarter, to turn in all add slips.

When do I need to file a grad check and where do I go to do this?

To avoid late fees, a grad check must be requested by the posted deadlines: January for Summer graduation, February for Fall graduation, May for Winter graduation and November for Spring graduation. You may find the necessary paper work at the office of Records, Registration & Evaluations (UH-171).

Do you offer classes to waive the CSET?

No, we do not have classes to prepare you for the CSET. However, if you complete our Pedagogy program and get you degree, you do not have to take the CSET, it is waived. The waiver form is available through the College of Education Student Services office and they can be reached at 909-537-5609.

What are some career options for Allied Health Professions majors?

Physical therapists, Physical Therapy Assistants, Physician’s Assistants.

What is Pedagogy?

Pedagogy is teacher instruction. Or put another way, teaching Physical Education teachers how to teach Physical Education.

What are my choices within the Kinesiology Major?

CSUSB offers the following concentration (see advising forms for class requirements and times):

  • Allied Health Professions (formerly Pre-Physical Therapy)
  • Exercise Science
  • Pedagogy
  • Pedagogy with Adapted Physical Education
What is Kinesiology?

Kinesiology is an umbrella term; in its most basic form, it is a study of human movement. Kinesiology has many subsets, including, but not limited to: Sport and Exercise Physiology, Sports and Exercise Psychology, Biomechanics, Sports Nutrition, Pedagogy, Adapted Physical Education, Motor Behavior, Coaching, Sports Administration/Management, Outdoor Recreation, Athletic Training, and sport/exercise activities.

Advising Information

Where can I locate my PAWS report?

Once you sign in to MyCoyote, look under the heading "student self-service", click on "PAWS" and hit submit request. Then click on "view PAWS" (you may have to click "refresh" a few times before it appears) and then "expand all" to see the full version of the PAWS report.

Why do I have a hold on my account and how do I get this removed?

The Kinesiology Department places an advising hold on all of their majors in the spring quarter before fall registration. In order to remove this hold you will need to make an appointment with your advisor, please bring your PAWS report with you. After you see an advisor, bring all materials back to the Kinesiology Department office where the office staff will remove the hold by the end of that day. If you have a hold from another department, you will need to speak to someone from that department to see what you need to do to get this removed.

When do I need to come in for advising?

Advising is only mandatory once a year in the spring quarter but a student can make an appointment with their advisor at any time during the year.

How do I make an advising appointment?

All advisors make their own appointments so you can either call or e-mail them to set up an appointment, or go to their walk in office hours. There is also a peer advising center located in HP-235.

Who are the Kinesiology Department’s advisors?

All of our full time faculty serve as advisors.

Who is my advisor?

The Kinesiology office staff assigns advisors for those that do not have them every quarter after the census date, about three weeks into the term. The full list of students and advisors can be found on the front counter of the Kinesiology office in HP-120.