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HP B04 Biomechanics Lab

The biomechanics lab is located in the basement of the Health and PE Complex. Our students utilize this space for their biomechanics lab course and physical activity of aging course. We have advanced equipment to measure motion in 3D, balance, running and walking gait characteristics, and jumping performance, just to name a few.

HP B09: Fitness Facility

Our Fitness Facility features a variety of aerobic and resistance exercise equipment.  Some aerobic exercise equipment includes treadmills, stairmills, cycle ergometers, rowing ergometers, and skiing ergometers. Resistance exercise equipment includes free weights, selectorized machines, as well as a platform for Olympic lifts. This room is used for physical activity classes such as weight training, professional preparation classes, and other assessment classes for students to practice exercise demonstrations. 

HP 117: Kinesiology Library

This is the kinesiology library, which is a dedicated space for our kinesiology students. The primary student organization of our major is the Kinesiology Student Association, or KSA.  In this space, KSA members would often hold meetings, events, and study sessions here for our students to interact. It’s basically a space geared towards our students.

HP 119: Human Performance Lab

This is our human performance lab, where many of our students have laboratory based classes in exercise physiology and exercise testing and prescription. We have advanced exercise physiology equipment where we can test aerobic capacity, body composition, strength, power output; amongst other measures.

HP 121: Hemodynamics lab

HP 121 is the hemodynamic lab.  This space features a full wet lab that allows researchers to analyze blood. Additionally, this lab houses an iDXA machine that measures bone mineral density and body composition as well as an environmental chamber for body temperature experiments.

HP 126: Fitness Assessment Lab

The fitness assessment lab is used for our fitness assessment program. In this program, kinesiology students work as interns who perform physical fitness assessments on students from all over campus. This gives kinesiology students a great opportunity to interact with individuals, practice their technical skills, and apply what they are learning in the classroom in a real-world environment.

HP 255: Motor Behavior Lab

This is the motor behavior lab, which is a dedicated space for classes and research related to motor learning and control as well as motor development and sport psychology. This lab is housed with an advanced eye tracking system, virtual simulation bikes, and video editing techniques. It also has an open space for movement activities.

PE 143: Physical Education Lab

This is the physical education and adapted physical education lab. This lab has advanced technology to assist in analyzing human movement patterns as well as analyzing student teaching techniques. Students use this lab in PE and APE courses to practice teaching physical education activities while learning how to incorporate technology into their teaching.