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Front Office

HP 120 is our front office where you can find the kinesiology administrative support. 

Kinesiology front office front desk

Kinesiology front office waiting room

We encourage you to be attending advising through the CNS advising center or through your faculty advisors. Seeking advising to ensure you are on track for graduation is critical in your academic program. See below for more information.

How to Make an Advising Appointment:

For all advising assistance, students should use advising sheets below as a guide and prepare a myCap plan for at least one semester, and then bring the plan to one of the following advising options:

  • If students have completed less than 45 units, they need to see Advising & Academic Services (AAS; 909-537-7345;
  • If students have completed more than 45 units, they can attend one of the following:
    • Zoom, 1-on-1 advising; extended, appointment
      • For more in-depth help beyond planning classes for one semester
      • To make an appointment:
    • In-person, group advising with Kinesiology faculty
      • To check student’s myCap plan
      • See KINE group advising session schedule for hours
      • Student brings MyCap plan, and faculty confirms or suggest changes (~10 min)
      • A second faculty member confirms and files a report on Navigate
      • Anything beyond a quick confirmation, student should seek faculty mentorship or extended appointment with CNS Professional Advising Center


Faculty Mentorship

For anything else other than checking the student’s myCap plan, students should make an appointment with Kinesiology Faculty Advisor. Faculty advisors schedule their own advising appointments. To schedule an appointment with a faculty advisor, please contact them directly. You can find their office hours and contact information here.

Advising Sheets

Below are a list of advising sheets for student that plan to stay on the QUARTER BULLETIN. To view prior year advising sheets, please contact us.

Below are a list of advising sheets for student that plan to stay on the SEMESTER BULLETIN. To view prior year advising sheets, please contact us.


Roadmaps are to help guide you when planning your courses as a Kinesiology major. They are in no way stating that you must take classes in this order but a suggestion to help guide you through the required curriculum. Below are roadmaps for 4yrs and for 2 yrs (transfer students). A complete list of Roadmaps can be found here. 4 Year Roadmaps Exercise Science | Allied Health Professions | Physical Education and Adaptive Physical Education

2 Year Roadmaps Exercise Science | Allied Health Professions | Physical Education and Adaptive Physical Education. Quarter to Semester Conversion CSUSB is moving to a semester system in Fall 2020. Receiving frequent advising is key to ensuring a timely graduation for students. For more detailed information and updates about the anticipated conversion, please visit the Q2S Conversion website. Quarter to Semester Conversion Phone: (909) 537-7771Email:

 The Kinesiology Department’s goal is to help our students with either completing timely in the Quarter System before Fall 2020 (Quarter Completers) and assist in the transition for students that will start in the Quarter System and graduate in the Semester System (Semester Completers).