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Human Performance Laboratory

Human Performance Laboratory (HP-119)

The Human Performance Laboratory is dedicated to the study of the effects of physical activity on the physiological systems of the human body. Here, students will receive hands-on experience working with various pieces of equipment that are used to assess individual’s physical fitness levels. Undergraduate students enroll in the exercise physiology laboratory course to gain hands on experience in data collection and data analysis. Upon completion of the course, our students will be equipped with the knowledge to work in both practical and research settings.

The laboratory is fully operational with the most current equipment and advanced technology in the field of Kinesiology. Typical assessments that are measured include, body composition, resting metabolic rate, and VO2 max. The Human Performance Lab Flyer includes pictures and a list of some of the equipment housed in the Human Performance Lab. 

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  • Parvomedics True One 2400
  • MGC Ultima CardiO2
  • Cosmed K4b2
  • Exertech Hydrostatic Weighing System
  • Cosmed Bod Pod
  • Lange Skinfold Calipers
  • Biodex System 4 Pro Dynamometer
  • Takei and Jamal Hand Dynamometers
  • Monark Wingate Anaerobic Test System
  • Monark Mechanically-braked Cycle Ergometers
  • Lode Corival Electronically-braked Cycle Ergometer
  • Resistance Exercise Equipment (i.e. Bench Press, Leg Press, Multistation weight stack machine)
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Underwater weighing
VO2 Max Test