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Activity Classes

The Kinesiology Department offers a variety of physical activity classes for students from all majors. 

Before you can enroll into a KINE Activity Class, please complete the Kinesiology Safety Acknowledgement form. Students will not be able to register for kinesiology classes unless this is complete. Please click the button below for a direct link to complete the Kinesiology Safety Acknowledgement form:

Kinesiology Safety Acknowledgement Direct Link

Click here for a guide on how to complete the Kinesiology Safety Acknowledgment.

Summer 2024-Physical Activity Class Offerings

  • Swimming- KINE 1370A-Summer Session 1: TR 9:55am-1:14pm
  • Weight Training- KINE 1140D-Summer Session 2: MTWR 1-2:35pm

Fall 2024-Physical Activity Class Offerings

  • Badminton- KINE 1010A- TR @ 1pm
  • Pickleball- KINE 1010B-TR @8am
  • Tennis- KINE 1010E- MW @ 8am
  • Dance- KINE 1500J- MW @ 6pm
  • Body Conditioning-KINE 1140A- MW @ 9am
  • Body Conditioning-KINE 1140A- ONLINE
  • Jogging- KINE 1140C- TR @ 9am
  • Weight Training KINE 1140D- MW @ 12pm
  • Weight Training- KINE 1140D-TR @ 10:30am
  • Weight Training- KINE 1140D-TR @ 1pm
  • Yoga KINE 1140E-MW @ 12pm
  • Yoga KINE 1140E-MW @ 1pm
  • Yoga KINE 1140E-MW @ 2:30pm
  • Yoga KINE 1140E TR @ 8am
  • Yoga KINE 1140E TR @ 9am
  • Yoga KINE 1140E TR ONLINE @ 7pm
  • Swimming KINE 1370A- TR @ 11am
  • Soccer KINE 1210C-MW @ 4pm
  • Volleyball KINE 1210F TR @ 8am 
  • Volleyball KINE 1210F TR @ 9am
  • Self-Defense KINE 1200F Tue@ 5:30pm 
  • Self-Defense KINE 1200F Thur@ 5:30pm
  • Basketball KINE 1210A MW @ 9am