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Teacher Performance Assessment

CalTPA Overview

The Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CTC) revised the CalTPA and created the CalTPA 2.0. The revised CalTPA is structured around two full instructional cycles based on the pedagogical sequence of the plan, teach and assess, reflect, and apply, each conducted within a school placement. The complete sequence will be addressed by each instructional cycle, with candidates providing evidence of instructional practice for each step. Acceptable evidence may be in a variety of forms, including annotated video clips and written narratives. As the revised CalTPA is designed to address subject-specific teaching and learning, candidates will be asked to respond to the instructional cycles within the context of their teaching assignments.

  • Instructional Cycle 1 focuses on getting to know students' assets and needs and using that information for instructional planning. Candidates will be asked to demonstrate how they use knowledge of their students and instructional strategies, including developing academic language, implementing educational technology, monitoring student learning, and making appropriate accommodations and/or modifications during the teaching of a lesson to meet individual student needs. In addition, they will demonstrate how they establish a positive learning environment and provide social and emotional supports through interactions with students.
  • Instructional Cycle 2 focuses on assessing, during instruction, student learning and using multiple assessment outcomes to plan for and promote learning for all students. In this instructional cycle, for one class of students, candidates will use what they know about their students and learning context to plan and teach an instruction and assessment sequence based on California state standards and/or curriculum frameworks or equivalent and provide feedback to students about the qualities of their performance for two types of assessment: 1) informal—monitoring of student learning and adjusting instruction while teaching to maintain active engagement in learning and 2) formal—collecting and analyzing student assessment data to plan and modify further instruction.
  • TPA Overview Video from the presentation given by Dr. Verdi at the student teacher Orientation session. 

CalTPA Schedules

AY 2022-2023 CalTPA Schedules

Fall 2022
Cycle Submission Date & Time Returned By Date
Cycle #1 Thursday, October 13, 2022 by 6pm November 3, 2022
Cycle #2 Thursday, December 1, 2022 by 6pm December 22, 2022
Spring 2023
Cycle Submission Date & Time Returned By Date
Cycle #1 Thursday  March 16, 2023 by 6pm April 6, 2023
Cycle #2 Thursday May 18, 2023 by 6pm June 8, 2023



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TPA Material (PPT, Guides, Templates, & Course Syllabus)

Only accessible to current TPA faculty. To access the TPA files you will need to log into your MyCoyote account and then click on the link. 

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CalTPA Advising

Mick Verdi

Dr. Mick Verdi
TPA Coordinator
(909) 537-7530



Single Subject TPA Instructors

  • Burlison, Debra

  • Fullam, Jordan

  • Hayashi, James

  • Last, Barry

  • Loza, Pete



Multiple Subject TPA Instructors

  • Boffa, Joseph

  • Brown, Douglas

  • Kint, Mike

  • Norton, Ruth