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Fieldwork Supervision

The Supervision Office coordinates supervision placements for candidates pursuing a credential in the Multiple Subject, Single Subject and Special Education Programs.

Applications to Supervision

Applications are due by the census date of the quarter prior to starting fieldwork/supervision (EELB 315).

IMPORTANT: A fieldwork/student teaching application should not be submitted until the candidate has been fully admitted to the university, has been fully admitted to the teaching credential program, and has satisfied all prerequisite courses. For any questions, call 909-537-7400.

The California Basic Education Skills Test (CBEST) and the California Subject Examination for Teachers (CSET) assessments are required of all applicants and students seeking a Teaching Credential. These assessments are mandated by the State of California. Please contact the Program Coordinator for more information regarding due dates and proof of passing. The CSUSB Financial Aid Office may offer assistance with building a financial aid packet that will allow for the cost of the assessments.

Multiple Subject Program Information

SB 2042 Credential Candidates

The Multiple Subject Credential Program at CSUSB is accredited by the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing

Student Teaching Option

  • May be completed at San Bernardino or at the Palm Desert Campus (PDC).
  • Pre/Co-requisites, Phase I Coursework, Subject Matter Competency by exam (CSET) and all other conditions must be met prior to supervision.
  • Placed with a qualified teacher in a school district within San Bernardino or Riverside Counties. 
  • Two quarters (10 weeks each) of Supervised Student Teaching. Placements will be made in two of the following grade levels: K-3, 4-6.
  • All candidates have one assignment in a classroom in which at least 25% of the youngsters differ ethnically or culturally from the candidate.
  • Multiple Subject BCLAD candidates are placed in designated bilingual classrooms.
  • May be completed within 9 months of full-time attendance.

Intern Option

  • Completed while employed by a partnership school district, teaching full-time in an appropriate Multiple Subject setting.
  • Hold a Bachelor's degree, passed CBEST, met Subject Matter Competency (SMC) by exam, completed the U.S. Constitution requirement, had experience working with children, and met all program admission requirements.
  • Teaching on an Intern Credential while completing coursework.
  • Three quarters of Supervised Intern Teaching.
  • Program length varies.

Observation & Evaluation Forms - Live Online

Single Subjects Program Information

The Single Subjects Credential Program at CSUSB is accredited by the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing. The program offers subject matter preparation for approved 'Subject Matter Competency' in the following disciplines;

  • Art
  • English
  • French
  • Mathematics
  • Music
  • Physical Education
  • Science: Geosciences
  • Spanish

Students who desire to verify subject matter competence in other content areas that are not listed above must provide evidence for the successful passage of the California Subject Examination for Teacher (CSET) for their specific subject/content areas.

The CSU San Bernardino Single Subject Program offers a traditional student teaching option in either two or three semesters 30-semester unit program, full-time program (TRACK A), two semesters or part-time track (TRACK B), three semesters. In addition, the program offers an intern option (TRACK C) in a three-semester program. Track A Student Teaching Option students are required not to work outside of class during second and third quarters of the program.

Internship applicants must complete internship program prerequisites (9 units) and 120 hours of Early Fieldwork Observations prior to entering the internship program.

  • ESEC 6001 Classroom Management & Pedagogy (3)
  • ESEC 6003 EL Secondary Classroom (3)
  • ESEC 6004 Adolescent Development and Ed. Theory (3)

Candidates interested in enrolling in the above courses or any courses in the program must be fully admitted into the university and credentialing program through submitting the Program Admissions File (PAF). The Single Subject Credentialing Program does require mandatory advisement which can be completed through attending one of the Single Subject Informational meetings offerings, or through meeting with a Single Subject advisor at 909-537-4413.

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Fieldwork Supervision Staff

Toni Ditty, Placement Director
Phone: 909 537-5603
Office: CE-102


Tamara (Tami) Patterson, Fieldwork Supervision
Phone: 909 537-5352
Fax: 909 537-7434 
Office: CE-102