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2021 Transfer Graduate Highlights

The sum value of a CSUSB education, and more specifically the experiences that I gained while here can be summed up in a single word; priceless. The transfer experience is so good that I never felt like a transfer student but rather just a student. The opportunities that I had, the knowledge that I gained, and the memories that I continue to make will forever draw me back to this campus. 

William Prince
BS in Kinesiology, Exercise Science Concentration


If I could give any advice to the incoming transfer students it would be to find balance, support, your "why", and the people who believe in you. 

Tori Gutierrez
BA in Liberal Studies


What motivated me to continue my education was my family, but mainly my parents. They've been there since the beginning and they've always wanted to see me go far in life, and with them by my side, it made it all the more easier.

Kayla Benavides
BA in Psychology


If I could give any advice, it would be to trust the process and be the best you! Let the rest play its course. Always hold yourself accountable. When you do it right then you will be successful. Life's possibilities are endless.

Tyler Simmons
BA in sports and Entertainment Marketing


If I could give advice to the incoming transfer students, it would be to try to take it easy. You will eventually get it.

Cirila Chaidez
BA in Psychology and Human Development


If I could give some advice to incoming transfer students it would be that there is always someone there to talk to. It might seem like there aren't any resources out there, but it takes some digging or maybe even asking a counselor.

Kimberly Banda
BA in English Literature


My advice would be to explore the campus to get yourself familiar with the buildings, resources, and events on campus. Follow the social media pages for CSUSB to have the latest news on what is happening at school. Also, don't forget to have fun while coming here because time passes so fast!

Amber Alonzo
BA in Psychology.


I originally went to CSUSB right after I graduated from Hemet High School.  I attended CSUSB from 1991 to 1996. The last year I attended, I took a leave of absence, and then attended MSJC from 2017 to 2018. Then I transferred to CSUSB Fall 2020. My motivation was my current job, my children and my life experiences. My mom, husband, and children are my inspiration. I want my mother and family to be proud of me.

Juana Zazueta
​​​​BA in Sociology, Social Services and Community Research Concentration


If I could give any advice, it would be just have fun and realize that these last couple years of your education are going to fly by! You've made it this far and you are kicking butt! Continue to build bonds-especially with your professors. Compare the education that you received at your last school & absorb the two different teaching styles. Take all that you have learned and run with it.

Victoria Garcia
BS in Kinesiology, Pedagogy Concentration


The advice I would give for the incoming transfer students is to ask questions. The admin (at CSUSB) want to help you succeed. 

Mina Breitel
BA in Spanish


No matter what, you can do it. Just think about your future and where you want to be. Don't settle until you get there.

Ashley Jones
BS in Kinesiology


If I could give any advice, it would be to get involved in research opportunities and internships as soon as you can. The research and practical experience will help you apply what you are learning in the classroom.

Luana Plonski
BA in Industrial/Organizational Psychology


Some advice I would give is that it's a marathon not a race! Take your time and do your best. You are already halfway there!

Tanisha Lennox
BA in Criminal Justice


Advice I would give to the new transfer students is to take advantage of the resources available. (My) advisor and the transfer center have given me great guidance and advice.

Brian Grothe
BA in Liberal Arts


My brother motivated me to continue my education and he's the reason I'm even getting my master's. He was supposed to graduate with his masters but passed away recently. Everything I'm doing is for him, and I want him to be proud of who I am and who I will become.

Nuribeth Ponce
BA in Industrial/Organizational Psychology


My educational experience has been exceptional. I have had amazing professors who have made a lasting impression in the knowledge they have passed on to us as students.

Marcos Luna
BA in Administration


I transferred from MSJC. I wanted to continue and further my education. I wanted to further my education because I love going to school and expanding my knowledge of math. My older sister, Jessica, was the one that kept me motivated and kept me on track to graduate within two years.

Erica Roxanne
BA in Business Administration


I transferred from Moreno Valley College to CSUSB to finish what I started. I wanted to be the first generation in my family to graduate college. Doing this for myself and daughter was my motivation. My daughter fiancé, parents, sister and two best friends helped me get to this journey.

Salunya Yodvisitsak
BA in Psychology


I transferred from APU to CSUSB because I wanted to go to a more diverse and accepting university. I'm happy I chose CSUSB because the atmosphere is very welcoming and the educators here want every student to succeed. 

Destiny White
BA in Psychology


I feel the value of my education means the world to me because it has allowed me to have new experiences and learn important aspects in my major of Communication Studies. Transferring gave me a practicum experience in radio, news radio, and event planning along with doing a full internship at a local radio station.

Lavickie Patterson
BA in Communication Studies


It is important to take things one step at a time, because sometimes the only roads worth taking will appear long to the point of being endless. Remember that college is about building connections, learning to think critically, a lot of writing, and looking at a variety of examples that help you decide how to define yourself. Take every opportunity. The worst case scenario is you can learn something to use in the next one.

Hana Vega
BA in Communication Studies, Media Studies Concentration


I suffered from extreme imposter syndrome when I transferred! When I transferred to Cal State, I felt like I wasn't smart enough or good enough to be here but the campus community showed me how wrong I was. Cal State is the place for everyone who wishes to learn and grow, and be a part of a strong sense of community. The support of these people along my journey helped me gain more confidence as a student, and gave me direction in my life.

Katie Wallen
BA in English Linguistics & TESOL Certification


Some challenges I faced as a transfer student were the lack of knowledge on how to get accepted from another college with their prerequisites. I had so many questions and was undecided on (my) major. However, one day I asked myself to ask for help. I stopped being shy and asked questions to the counselor about transferring. 

Maria Vasquez
BS in Health Science, Concentration in Public Health Education


My biggest advice to transfer students is to establish relationships with fellow classmates. The educational journey is not meant to be taken alone. Especially in hard times. Getting to know your professors will also make learning fun and more personal. To me, that is the best way of learning. I also would encourage going to see your counselor not only when it is mandatory.

Amada Luna
BA in Psychology


You have made it and know the ropes on how to succeed in college. Now the only thing left is to have confidence and pride. 
Danithza Santamaria
BA in Chemistry


I transferred from Pasadena City college and I chose to transfer to CSUSB to be able to make my parents proud as I'll be a first generation graduate this spring 2021! I wouldn't be here without the support from my husband, friends, and family.

Janeth Saabedra
BA in Kinesiology, Exercise Science Concentration


To the amazing classmates and friends I had the pleasure to meet and the wonderful professors I've had the honor to shape into the student I am today, thank you for firing a light within me. There was never a day on campus where I was never in awe. And to my parents, thank you for always teaching me the value of an education. This is for me, for you, for our future.

Ivonne Velazquez
BA in Liberal Studies, Music Concentration


From the CSUSB transfer student success center, congrats transfer grads!

CSUSB Transfer Class, Spring 2021