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Program Costs & Fees

Orientation Fees

All newly admitted undergraduate students will pay a one-time, mandatory Orientation fee after attending their Orientation date and registering for classes. 

Orientation Fees
ADMITTED for FALL 2023 - SPRING 2024 Fee
First-Year Student – San Bernardino and Palm Desert Campus $82.74
Transfer Student – San Bernardino and Palm Desert Campus $82.74


Payments will not be collected when registering for Orientation or during the day of Orientation. Students pay the Orientation fee via myCoyote Self Service, after registering for classes (as part of the first semester's tuition statement). All Orientation fees are non-refundable and non-transferable.

Administrative Fees

Change of Orientation Date

  • Your first date change, prior to a session deadline, will not be charged a fee.
  • If you change your Orientation date after the session registration deadline, you will be charged a $25 administrative fee.
  • Any additional change of date will incur a $25 administrative fee per change.
  • Failure to attend your scheduled session will incur a $25 "no-show" fee.


Fee Payment Procedures for Early Registration

All students are responsible for paying their portion of fees by the designated due dates; this includes Housing students and Financial Aid recipients. Students can easily access their fees and due dates via myCoyote Self Service. The student's class registration date determines when their fees are due.

Students who do not pay all their fees by the designated deadlines MAY be administratively dropped from their courses and pay an additional $25 administrative fee. However, it is the responsibility of the student to drop their courses using myCoyote Self Service if need be, and should not assume their courses were administratively dropped. 

Fees and Debts Owed To the Institution

Prospective students who register for courses offered by the university are obligated for the payment of fees associated with registration for those courses. Failure to cancel registration in any course for an academic term prior to the first day of the academic term gives rise to an obligation to pay student fees including any tuition for the reservation of space in the course.

Should a student or former student fail to pay a fee of a debt owed to the institution, the institution may 'withhold permission to register, to use facilities for which a fee is authorized to be charged, to receive services, materials, food or merchandise or any combination of the above from any person owing debt' until the debt is paid (see Title 5, California Code of Regulations, Sections 42380 and 42381).

Cancellation & Refund Policy

All Orientation fees are non-refundable and non-transferable. 

If you are unable to attend your reserved Orientation session due to extenuating circumstances, please email us at