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First Year Experience

The first year in college is the foundation of a student's success, and for their lives after college. California State University, San Bernardino recognizes the importance and value of this positive first-year experience for students, and the need for the university to facilitate students' effective transition to the University by providing a variety of experiences, opportunities, and foundational skills to help them become successful students.

First Year Experience (FYE) is committed to supporting the academic and social transition to CSUSB. If you are a student attending CSUSB for the first time, whether as a transfer student or a first-time freshman, these programs and services are designed for students like you.

Our programs and services are designed and guided by our four First Year Experience Principles: Foundation, Transition, Sense of Belonging and Success. 


Foundation   At the end of the first academic year, students will be able to identify the services, resources, and experiences available to adapt their academic and life skills for college. Students will develop as college-level learners, and will identify strategies for success during and after their time at CSUSB.   Transition   Students will establish a community at CSUSB that helps them to navigate the university environment, resources, and expectations while expanding their existing support systems. This network will help students take ownership of learning inside and outside of the classroom and build a connection to the institution.   Sense of Belonging   Students will see themselves as contributing members of the Coyote family, feel connected to campus, and engage in the creation of a unique CSUSB experience. They will explore their intersectional identities and find interconnectedness within the community. By engaging in and creating campus traditions, students will feel a part of the Pack - that they are a #Coyote4Life.   Success   Students will set forth curricular and co-curricular goals that will help them define a framework for success as a college student. In doing so, students will develop a positive academic mindset, build and strengthen their self-efficacy, and explore the variety of pathways available.