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Vision & Mission Statements

James R. Watson & Judy Rodriguez Watson


To be the premier provider of teachers, counselors, and educational leaders.


Through compassion and collegiality, we are committed to inspire students and serve our communities.
Vision & Mission statements were adopted by the College faculty and staff and approved by the Dean’s Cabinet March 2019.

Our core beliefs in

  • the dignity and inherent worth of all people,
  • diversity and multiple perspectives as essential, treasured assets,
  • a collaborative teaching/learning community,
  • the crucial leadership role of education professionals in promoting positive social change fostering human development, achieving social justice, and promoting human rights form the foundation for our work.
  • In collaboration with university and P-12 colleagues, clients, students, alumni and the community-at-large, we apply our values and beliefs in responding to evolving needs and priorities in the schools, agencies and communities of the region we serve.

As outlined in our Conceptual Framework, we accomplish our mission through our personal and professional commitment to practice the following behaviors, which we model for and encourage in our students:

  • develop and maintain knowledge, skills and expertise in our fields through scholarship and reflection;
  • behave ethically, responsibly and professionally;
  • comprehend the specific contexts experienced by our students and use that understanding to make instructional decisions;
  • respect the experiences of various groups with whom we interact and make concerted efforts to incorporate knowledge of and sensitivity to those experiences in (a) professional decisions and (b) interactions with students, colleagues and members of the broader community;
  • reflect on the outcomes of our actions and make adaptations as necessary.

Adopted by the College faculty and staff and approved by Dean Patricia Arlin 
April 22, 2008

Conceptual Framework

The Wise Professional Educator

  • Possesses rich subject matter knowledge
  • Applies sound judgment to professional practice and conduct
  • Applies a practical knowledge of context
  • Respects multiple viewpoints
  • Reflects on professional practices and follows up with appropriate action