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CSUSB - Make a Gift Now!


It is the generous support of our friends and alumni that we are able to embark on creative and innovative ways to impact the future and meet the ever-changing needs of our community. Your gift is a meaningful and lasting way to show your support for our future and current educators.

Contributions can be for specific purposes or unrestrictive, allowing the college the discretion to apply them to immediate needs. Find out more about different ways to contribute to the college. The options below may inspire a thought on how you desire to leave your legacy or contact us so that we may help you design a giving plan for you.


Join our scholarships campaign today! Grants for graduate students are more difficult to obtain than during the undergraduate years. We recognize the need for more graduate or credential scholarship opportunities allowing student to keep their dream alive! 

The Power of $25...

We recognized that not everyone can be a major gift giver; however, there is power in just $25! How is it powerful? Let me tell you. Read more the Power of $25…

How can I provide for my family and leave a legacy?

Do you have assets in the form of qualified pensions plans, profit sharing plans, 401(k)s, 403(b) tax sheltered annuities, SEP, Keoghs, IRAs and stock option plans? If you plan to include charitable gifts in your estate plans, consider naming a charity like ours.


Why Donors Give?

Giving isn’t a business transaction. It is a human connection. There are many reasons why people give to others. Giving changes lives. Please read our donors’ compelling stories. Read more about Why Donors Give…

Rollover Your IRA for Good

If you are 70½ or older, rather than simply take your withdrawal this year, you can direct your IRA administrator to distribute a gift from your IRA to our organization. Any amount you transfer counts against your RMD, and you can direct up to $100,000 to your favorite causes this year.


Questions? Let us know how we can help!

CSUSB - Make a Gift Now!

California State University, San Bernardino
College of Education
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​​​​​​Kerry Neal


Kerry Neal
Director of Philanthropy
College of Education and College of Arts & Letters
Office of Philanthropic Giving
5500 University Parkway
San Bernardino, California 92407
(909) 537-4525 Office / (909) 665-4329


Ginger Hartman
Philanthropic Support Associate
Central Projects & College of Education
CSUSB Office of Philanthropic Giving
CSUSB College of Education
909.537.5659 Direct / 909.537.5600 Main

Friends of the College

  • Watson & Associates
  • Jim & Judy Watson
  • ANR Homes: Augustine N. Rodriguez & George Jordan
  • Fidelity Homes
  • Michael & Kathy Vairin
  • Watson Educational Initiatives, LLC
  • Transtech Engineers, Inc.: Allen 'Ali' Cayir
  • Mical LLC: Duncan Shantz and Pete Noyes
  • John & Maria Young/Young Homes
  • Leona Aronoff Charitable Foundation
  • San Bernardino City Unified School District Management Team
  • Gresham, Savage, Nolan & Tildin
  • Northrop Grumman Missile Systems
  • Robert Balzer/The San Bernardino Sun
  • President Albert & Marilyn Karnig/CSUSB
  • Charlie & Clarisse Shumaker
  • Dr. Charles & Bobbie Terrell/S.B. Sup. of Schools 1982 - 1993
  • Rada Garcia/Fidelity National Title
  • Bruce Elieff/SunCal Companies
  • Marjorie Knitter/The Moote Group
  • Sherman Gabus, Inc.
  • First American Title Foundation
  • Mike Gallo/Kelly Space and Technology
  • Arrowhead Credit Union/Jerilyn Simpson-Jordan
  • Dave Oldham
  • Dr. Ernie Garcia - Dean Emeritus
  • KB Home
  • Patrick Murphy/Summers, Murphy & Partners
  • Tom Thornburgh/American Development Corp.
  • Oscar & Elizabeth Gonzalez
  • Jeff Spears
  • Marilyn Sauer
  • Mary E. Morrison
  • Ed & Jenifer Alvarado/Watson and Associates
  • Standard Pacific Orange County
  • David & Jennifer Oberhelman
  • Sheldon Group
  • Judith Valles/Mayor of San Bernardino '98 - '06
  • Standard Pacific Inland North
  • Barry & Bernice Lowenstein
  • MBK Real Estate: Stefan Markowitz
  • Floyd William & Laura Hunter
  • Ed & Bonnie Nolan
  • M.J. Knitter
  • Leo & Gloria Cutler
  • Jerry & Phyllis Siperstein
  • Steve & Gale Abram
  • James & Rosalie Anderson
  • Leona Aronoff
  • Patricia Revelles
  • Ana Maria Rodriguez
  • Robin Merchant
  • Dr. Keith Savell & Karen Katz
  • Rabbi Hillel & Rita Cohn
  • Kenneth & Beverly Irom
  • Steven & Vickie Becker
  • Steve & Jill Miller
  • Ted & Jo Dutton
  • Ronald & Wanda Skipper
  • Douglas Hanes
  • Glen Baude
  • Susan Pickle
  • Eric Leve
  • Jim Katz Landscape
  • James Funk
  • Tracy Smith
  • Raianna Chavez
  • Stan & Mary Tomlinson
  • Phillip & Lynda Savage
  • Ronald & Holly Redfern/Publisher of Press Enterprise
  • Bill & Janet Peters
  • Margarita Pacheco/City of San Bernardino
  • Elaine Ahumada
  • Ariana Ahumada-Stevens
  • Grady & Jonnie Stevens/Stevens Excavations
  • Bill Lemann
  • Donald Anderson
  • Robert Gray
  • Marcel & Cathy Turner
  • Fred Wilson/City of San Bernardino
  • Gresham, Nolan & Savage: John Selmar and Philip Savage
  • L. Curti Truck & Equipment
  • Deborah Council
  • Jim & Patricia Imboirski
  • Cheryl Moxiay-Shaw
  • Norman & Oksana Giebeler
  • Steve Allan
  • Center Chevrolet: Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Atkinson
  • Nick Quackenbos/Bell & Quackenbos
  • Manuel & Mary Louise De La Torre
  • Steven Jones
  • Rosa Tubbs
  • Ron Fremont
  • Caesar Cardenas
  • Scott Warrington
  • Francoise Aylmer
  • Jacqueline Funk
  • Robert Baylis
  • Cynthia Barkley
  • Kathryn Brand

Faculty & Staff Donors (Above $1000)

  • Dr. Patricia Arlin, Dean Emeritus
  • Ms. Tootie Killingsworth
  • Dr. Susan Daniels
  • Dr. Ruth Norton
  • Mr. Keith Dolan
  • Drs. Iris & Matt Riggs
  • Ms. Janetha Hamre
  • Dr. Ruth Sandlin
  • Dr. Phyllis Hensley
  • Dr. Mary Jo Skillings
  • Dr. Joseph Jesunathadas
  • Drs. David & Deborah Stine
  • Dr. Ina & Aaron Katz
  • Drs. Carolyn Eggleston & Thom Gehring

Faculty & Staff Donors

  • Ms. Bonnie Charlton
  • Ms. Teresa Constant
  • Dr. Margaret Cooney
  • Ms. Anita Cooper
  • Ms. Olga Cordero
  • Ms. Catherine Desario
  • Dr. Lynn Diaz-Rico
  • Ms. Laura Duarte
  • Mrs. Brandi Estorga
  • Cheryl Foerch
  • Dr. Rosalie Giacchino-Baker
  • Ms. Lisa Gordon
  • Dr. Jose Hernandez
  • Mr. Jim Hill
  • Ms. Kat Hirschauer
  • Dr. Young Hwang
  • Dr. Todd Jennings
  • Dr. Kurt Kowalski
  • Ms. Destiny Lanning
  • Dr. Barbara Larrivee
  • Dr. Amy Leh
  • Dr. Robert London
  • Dr. Corinne Martinez
  • Ms. Stepanie Martinez
  • Dr. James Mason
  • Ms. Deborah McAllister
  • Dr. Marjorie McCabe
  • Ms. Catherine McNair
  • Ms. Donna Minarik
  • Dr. Enrique Murillo
  • Dr. Brian Newberry
  • Dr. Ron Pendelton
  • Dr. Bonnie Piller
  • Ms. Catherine Provencio
  • Ms. Donita Remington
  • Mrs. Tami Rodriguez
  • Dr. Judy Rymer
  • Dr. Joe Scarcella
  • Dr. Donna Schnorr
  • Dr. Gary Sherwin
  • Dr. Sue Spitzer
  • Mr. Adrian Stevens
  • Ms. Cathe Stevenson
  • Dr. M. Alayne Sullivan
  • Mrs. Yolanda Thomas
  • Dr. Joseph Turpin
  • Dr. Michael Verdi
  • Ms. Brandi Wiersma
  • Dr. John Winslade
  • Dr. Janet Woerner
  • Dr. Laura Young