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WCOE Newsletter | November 2023 Edition

WCOE Newsletter | November 2023 Edition

Dear Colleagues,

I want to thank you all for the excellent job you are doing to support our students at all levels across the college. From the undergraduate students in the CTE program to the doctoral candidates in our EDD program, there is a generally positive feel about the quality of our program and the job you (faculty & staff) are doing.  

I would also like to thank you for the remarkable success of two significant events we hosted this month. First, the Educational Leadership Summit on November 16, 2023, was a resounding triumph. It provided an invaluable platform for educators, students, and leaders to explore and share innovative educational practices. The engagement, ideas, and collaborations fostered during the summit have set a new standard for our academic endeavors and significantly contributed to our programs' positive reputation.

Additionally, our Native American Heritage History DEI event, "Educating on Native Lands, People, and Culture," held on November 15, 2023, was an enlightening experience. Featuring Assembly Member James Ramos, the event offered deep insights into the rich heritage and culture of Native American communities. It was an honor to have such a distinguished speaker, and the discussions and learnings from this event have greatly enriched our understanding and appreciation of diverse cultures, which is integral to our commitment to inclusivity and diversity in education.

These events exemplify our college's dedication to fostering a culture of knowledge, respect, and innovation. Your continued support and involvement in these initiatives make a significant difference in our community and beyond. Thank you once again for your hard work and commitment. Let's carry this momentum forward as we strive for excellence in all our endeavors.

During this season of giving thanks, I simply want to THANK YOU for your work for our students. Have a peaceful and joyful Thanksgiving Celebration.


Dean Chinaka DomNwachukwu

Dean Chinaka DomNwachukwu

Spotlight on the 2023 Educational Leadership Summit

The Watson College of Education proudly hosted the 2023 Educational Leadership Summit, centered around “Innovative Practices in Education.” The summit brought together some of the most brilliant minds in education, including industry leaders, educators, and students, for a day packed with inspiration, knowledge-sharing, and forward-thinking ideas.

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Keynote Highlights:

  • Ali Powell from Microsoft captivated the audience with insights on "Innovative Technology Practices that Have Changed Education," emphasizing the significant impact of AI in the educational landscape.
  • Dr. Rhea McIver Gibbs presented an enlightening talk on "Innovative Practices in Teacher Recruitment," showcasing the pioneering "Grow-Your-Own" model from Rialto USD.
  • Ann Marie Sakrekoff offered an in-depth view of "The State of Education in the Inland Empire," providing a unique perspective on regional educational challenges and opportunities.

Interactive Sessions and Workshops:

Attendees experienced hands-on STEM demonstrations by students and engaged in thought-provoking panel discussions, including a critical session on "Parents’ Expectations of Highly Effective School Site Administrators."


A Network of Innovation:

The summit was a platform for learning and networking. Participants connected with like-minded professionals, fostering relationships that we believe will catalyze future collaborations in education.


Looking Ahead:

We are already buzzing with ideas and excitement for the next summit as we continue pushing the boundaries of educational excellence. Stay tuned for more updates, and don't forget to check out the full video replay of the summit on our website for those who missed it or wish to relive the experience.

Ali Powell

Ali Powel: Innovative Technology Practices that Have Changed Education

View this Keynote


Dr. Rhea McIver Gibbs

Dr. Rhea McIver-Gibbs: Innovative Practices in Teacher Recruitment

View this Keynote

Ann Marie Sakrekoff

Ann Marie Sakrekoff: The State of Education in the Inland Empire

View this Keynote

Dr. Sue Kaiser

Dr. Sue Kaiser: Parents’ Expectations of Highly Effective School Site Administrators

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Faculty News & Updates


UCDD Highlights


UCDD, in collaboration with the Special Education Internship program, hosted a parent education presentation on September 20, 2023. About 50 parents, clients, and interns attended this presentation. 

  • UCDD Full Staff Training: UCDD offered full staff training on Applied Behavior Analysis and Transition Aged Youth program principles and crisis management on Oct 21 (Sat), 2023. Forty-two teaching assistants and supervising teachers participated in this training.
  • ACE ABA Software System: UCDD is in the process of adopting ACE ABA Software System as a practice management system. UCDD had a demonstration on November 1, 2023, to review the curriculum, assessments, and challenging behavior modules of the ACE Software.

WCOE By the Numbers

  • Masters & Advanced Credentials: 43 students have been admitted, 3 applications are pending, 9 incomplete, and 187 applications are in progress.
  • Multiple & Single Subject Advising: 164 combined prospective students attended the info sessions.