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Non-degree Programs

Non-Degree Programs 

Students applying for non-degree programs should complete a Transitory Student Application which can be found on the Download Forms page.

Career and Technical Education

Appropriate work experience and a high school diploma or the equivalent are required for admission to the Designated Subjects Teaching Credential Program. Applicants should have at least five years of verifiable work experience in the vocation, skill or trade to be taught. Appropriate academic course work may be counted for up to two or the five years of required work experience. At least one year of the work experience must have been completed within the three years immediately preceding application for the credential.

Additional information is posted on the Career & Technical Education website.

High School University Program (HSUP)

The High School University Program allows qualified students to begin their college education before graduation from high school. Students have the opportunity to experience life at a four-year university on a part-time basis while taking approved college courses convenient for their high school schedule during the traditional academic year.

This program is by no means an alternative to high school. Courses taken at Cal State San Bernardino by high school students are not to be used to make up any college admission deficiencies. This is strictly a tool for high school level juniors and seniors who have proven academically mature enough to succeed at the university level.

Please note: Due to impaction at CSUSB, the High School University Program is only being offered for certain preexisting cohorts (Please contact our office for more information).

Admission Requirements

  • Junior or senior standing at your high school
  • A 3.0 (or higher) grade point average in college preparatory coursework beginning in the 10th grade
  • Recommendation form signed by your principal (Official High School University Program Recommendation Form)
  • Adequate high school preparation in prerequisite courses (where prerequisites apply)

Approved Courses for Students in HSUP

Students may register for courses numbered 100-299 (lower division, transferable) provided that any prerequisites have been met.

Fees Breakdown 

Students in the High School University Program pay a reduced registration fee of $10.50 per term. Activity & lab fees apply to some courses. There will be an additional fee for students who require a parking permit per term. All fees are due within the first week of class. Fees may be subject to change.

Application Requirements

  • Completed Non-Degree Seeking/Transitory application (pdf) and HSUP Recommendation Form (pdf)
  • Official high school transcript
  • Immunization record showing measles, rubella, and Hepatitis B
  • All documents must be submitted in order to be considered for the program

After You Have Been Admitted

  • You will be registered in your courses by our staff. Send an e-mail to Include your name, Coyote ID number, course name, and five-digit class number. HSUP students are registered during open enrollment. Registration is based on availability the of classes.
  • Attend your class.
  • Pay fees during the first week of your class.

Cal State San Bernardino’s Campus Holiday Schedule

Your university course schedule may not match your high school’s holiday schedule. If your high school is closed on a day that the university is not, you will be expected to attend your university class. See the current class schedule and your course syllabus for any holidays or view our academic calendar.

The High School University Program is the beginning of your college career …Grades count!

Refer to the current class schedule for important dates. Campus policy prohibits students from dropping courses after the census date without documented reasons and administrative approval.

Students must maintain good academic standing in order to continue enrollment in the program. Participation in the High School University Program does not automatically qualify a student for regular CSU admission.

Grades may be viewed online at MyCoyote. Official transcripts may be obtained from the Office of the Registrar by completing a request form and submitting applicable fees.

For More Information

Contact Sergio Estrada at (909) 537-3458 or

College of Extended and Global Education

The College of Extended and Global Education at Cal State San Bernardino helps learners of all ages and backgrounds achieve their continuing education goals by providing access to University degrees, certificate programs, professional development, and personal enrichment programs. Classes are offered at both the San Bernardino and Palm Desert campuses.

For more information on programs, costs, and their application process visit the College of Extended and Global Education website or call (909) 537-5975.

Open University

Most courses listed in the university catalog are open to non-matriculated students through the CSUSB College of Extended and Global Education under a program called Open University. Members of the community who meet the prerequisites may enroll in regular campus undergraduate level courses on a space-available basis. 

Open University is designed for students who:

  • Missed the deadline for admission to the regular resident program;
  • Want to examine a particular field prior to enrolling in a degree program;
  • Want to update personal training;
  • Need to improve their CSUSB grade point average in order to re-enter an academic program, or
  • Want to take selected CSUSB courses that will transfer to another college or university.