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Campus Tours for the Spring 2024 season have ended.

We will re-open our dates for the Summer 2024 by June 1, 2024.


College of Arts and Letters


Alternative Styles of Music, Minor

Arabic, Minor

Art History, Minor

Asian Studies, Minor

Border Studies, Minor

Communication, Minor

Creative Writing, Minor

Dance, Minor

Digital Arts, Minor

Digital Filmmaking, Minor

English, Minor

English Teacher Preparation, Minor

Entrepreneurship in the Arts, Minor

Film Studies, Minor

French, Minor

Japanese, Minor

Latin American Studies, Minor

Law and Philosophy, Minor

Media Studies, Minor

Multimedia Storytelling, Minor

Music, Minor

Music Technology, Minor

Philosophical Logic, Minor

Philosophy, Minor

Philosophy, Policy, and Economics, Minor

Relational and Organizational Communication, Minor

Spanish, Minor

Speech-Language Pathology, Minor

Strategic Communication, Minor

Studio Art, Minor

Theatre Arts, Minor

Video and Photography, Minor

World Literatures, Minor

Jack H. Brown College of Business and Public Administration

James R. Watson and Judy Rodriguez Watson College of Education

College of Natural Sciences

College of Social and Behavioral Sciences

Palm Desert Campus Degrees


Administration - Accounting, BA

Administration - Entrepreneurship, BA

Administration - Hospitality Management, BA

Administration - Management, BA

Administration - Marketing, BA

Administration - Supply Chain Management, BA

Career and Technical Studies, BA

Career and Technical Studies, BS

Child Development - Early Childhood Development, BA

Communication - Media Studies, BA

Communication - Relational and Organizational Communication, BA

Communication - Strategic Communication, BA

Criminal Justice, BA 

English - Creative Writing

English - Literature

English - Self-Directed Study

History - General

History - Pre-Credential

Information Systems and Technology - Cyber Security

Kinesiology - Exercise Science (Transfer Only)

Kinesiology - Health Promotion (Transfer Only)

Liberal Arts

Liberal Studies - Credential-Integrated

Liberal Studies - Pre-Credential General

Liberal Studies - Pre-Credential Spanish Studies


Nursing - RN to BSN Bridge Program


Social Work

Online Programs


Abbreviation/Term Definition
BA Bachelor of Arts Degree
BS Bachelor of Science Degree
BFA Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree
BM Bachelor of Music Degree
MA Master of Arts Degree
MFA Master of Fine Arts Degree
MPA Master of Public Administration Degree
MPH Master of Public Health Degree
MS Master of Science Degree


Master of Social Work Degree
EDD Doctor of Education Degree
Blended Program A degree that has courses both in-person and online.

A major is a concentration of classes and a combination of elective and core classes that make up your total course load. Your major will be what’s listed on your diploma.

Minor A minor is a secondary concentration of courses. It may be a field of study that complements your major or an area that you’re particularly passionate about. Your minor will be noted on your transcript but will not be listed on your diploma. 
Certificate A certificate is like a “mini-minor,” a concentrated set of classes grouped around a particular subject matter. Certificates may be earned by regularly matriculated or extended learning students. The awarding of a certificate will be noted on the student's transcript.
Concentration A concentration refers to a subject or study within a specific major. This concentration must be in the same field.

An undergraduate degree refers to the first level of higher education, also known as a bachelor’s degree. These studies usually take place at a college or university. Students who pursue these studies are called undergraduate students, working to earn a bachelor’s degree. Undergraduate studies typically take four years to complete.

Graduate Students who have earned their undergraduate degrees and are now pursuing advanced degrees are called graduate students. A graduate degree, also known as a postgraduate study, is the next level students pursue after an undergraduate degree. When students complete their first degree, they may want to specialize in their fields by obtaining a master’s degree (M.A.) or a doctoral degree (Ed.D.).