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Payment of Invoices

Payment of Invoices

Direct Deposit Payments

We encourage vendors to sign up for direct deposit payments via our enrollment form.

Direct Deposit for non-payroll payment and expense reimbursements paid through Accounts Payable are available for students, faculty, staff, candidates, and visiting guests. 

Direct deposits are typically credited to your bank account within 24-72 hours of being paid. Also, notification of payment can be sent via email. 

Invoice Submittal

The Vendor Guide to Invoicing provides detailed instructions on how to prepare the invoice, where to send the invoice, and includes a sample invoice for reference.

All invoices are to be submitted directly to Accounts Payable and must reference the purchase order number issued authorizing the purchase. If a department should receive an invoice from a vendor, the department should immediately forward it to Accounts Payable. Please ensure the purchase order is referenced on the invoice.

Invoices must be addressed to the University, include the vendor name, remitting address, identify the purchase order number, and must be itemized. For services rendered, please indicate whether services were performed in California or outside California.

Invoices may be submitted via email to or mailed to:

CSU, San Bernardino

Attn: Accounts Payable, SH 105

5500 University Parkway

San Bernardino, CA 92407

Sales Tax

The University is subject to California sales and use tax. Vendors are expected to charge the appropriate sales tax for any taxable items/services. For purchases made from out of state vendors that do not collect California sales tax, the University self-assesses the required tax and reports it the CA Department of Tax and Fee Administration as required.

Freight Charges

As required by the State of California, all freight charges of more than $50.00 must be supported by a copy of the actual freight bill. Payment of freight charges will be withheld until the proper documentation is provided.

Reportable Payments

Payee Data Record Form (STD Form 204) must be completed and filed with Accounts Payable by all payees doing business with the University. This form documents a payee's federal identification number and other required information in order to determine the tax reportability of any payments. Failure to submit a completed form will result in delays in payment and/or federal backup withholding being deducted from the payment.

Notice of Service Performed (NSP)

Invoices for some service and maintenance contracts may require a Notice of Service Performed (NSP) to be completed by the department that originally placed the order. For these types of invoices, Accounts Payable will send a copy of the invoice to the department with a request that an NSP be completed certifying the services have been satisfactorily provided and the invoice is approved for payment. This paperwork must be returned to Accounts Payable in order for payment to be issued.