Accounts Payable Contacts

Amber Schneck Accounts Payable Lead Accounts Payable - Responsible for vendors: D - M
Extension x73159
Marsha Teague Technician Accounts Payable - Responsible for vendors: A - C, #s
Extension x73415
Jay Wood  Accounts Payable and Disbursements Manager
Accounts Payable
Extension x73199
Adrienne Davis Technician Accounts Payable - Responsible for vendors N - Z
Extension x73160
Valerie Rodriguez Technician Accounts Payable
Extension x73913
Vacant Technician Accounts Payable 
Extension x73243

Vendor Information

We encourage our vendors to sign up to receive payments via ACH.

Vendors wishing to submit their invoices via email, may do so to The invoice will be forwarded to the appropriate technician for processing (please see Contact infromation above for AP technicians and what assigned vendor letters they are responsible for. 

Vendors calling for the payment status of an invoice, please call the main line at (909) 537-5155 and you will be directed to the appropriate technician. When calling to check on payment status of an invoice, please be prepared with the following information:

  • Vendor Name
  • Purchase Order Number
  • Invoice Number
  • Invoice Date
  • Dollar Amount

Campus Personnel

Please call or email us with your questions and the Accounts Payable staff will be happy to assist. If you wish to visit the Accounts Payable Office with your inquiry, we are located in Sierra Hall, room 105. If you are planning to visit, we ask that you take a moment to call ahead to arrange an appointment with the appropriate technician. This will allow the staff time to prepare or pull the necessary paperwork and ensure that the technician you wish to meet with is ready for your arrival.