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Performance Appraisal

There are three types of performance evaluation forms:

  1. Staff Performance Appraisal Form

  2. Management Plan (MP) Performance Appraisal Form

  3. Student Evaluation Form

Performance Review Schedule:

A Six (6) Month Review for new personnel are due during the end of the six month orientation period.
Annual Reviews for all non-student personnel are due during the end of the department's or sponsored program's budget period.
Annual Review for students are usually conducted in September.
UEC HR will send one annual reminder, typically in June.


Begin the performance review process by collecting copies of last year's goals, counseling memos, and notes that will assist you in the evaluation. A performance appraisal must be supported with examples and written remarks in the comments section and must be for the entire review period.


Before delivery of the performance appraisal is completed; the evaluator will review the performance appraisal with their supervisor/director or the next level reviewer for content concurrence. The direct supervisor and the next level reviewer will sign the evaluation. This is especially important if any corrective action will be discussed in the appraisal.


Schedule a meeting with the employee to discuss their evaluation and the next year's goals. The employee has two days to complete the comment section. If necessary, the employee and you may meet again to discuss the employee's comments. The employee will provide their signature that performance appraisal contents have been reviewed by both the employee and their supervisor. The employee has a right to discuss the performance appraisal with their supervisor, the Head of Human Resources or their designee.


The completed performance appraisal form with signatures should be returned to the UEC Human Resources Office. For additional information regarding the performance review process, please contact the UEC Human Resources Office at (909) 537-7589.

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