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Board of Director Expectations

Board of Directors’ Purposes and Goals

  • Establish, approve, and review (continuously) policies and goals for University Enterprises Corporation;
  • Ensure that University Enterprises Corporation goals effectively support and further the mission of the University;
  • Advise and make recommendations to the Executive Director on campus matters that are relevant to University Enterprises Corporation;
  • Provide quality leadership for University Enterprises Corporation through sound advisory and cooperative relations with the Executive Director;
  • Promote University Enterprises Corporation throughout the University and the wider community and enter into appropriate partnerships with these groups;
  • Assist in developing and strengthening the financial base of University Enterprises Corporation and approve budget and financial plans;
  • Respond to University requests for support and financial commitments.

Governing Style

The University Enterprises Corporation Board of Directors emphasize proactive strategic leadership focused on the future of University Enterprises Corporation and the University.  The Board initiates goals and policies in response to and in addition to initiatives introduced by the Executive Director.

In this spirit, the Board…

  • Focuses on long-term goals, staying at the policy governance level;
  • Enforces upon itself whatever discipline is needed to govern with excellence; and,
  • Monitors and evaluates its own performance.