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Employee Safety

It is the policy of University Enterprises Corporation at CSUSB (UEC) to comply with all applicable federal, state, and local health and safety regulations and to provide a work environment free from recognized hazards. UEC employees are expected to comply with all safety and health requirements whether established by management or by federal, state or local law. University Enterprises Corporation promotes employee participation and compliance with safety and healthy work standards and practices.  University Enterprises Corporation will uphold compliance through employee awareness, communication, training, and discipline upon infraction.  
Employees will be provided with a Code of Safe Practices that reflects UEC’s expected safe behavior and conduct.  Each employee will sign the Codes of Safe Practices Acknowledgment to establish that they have received, reviewed and will abide by these practices.   To ensure compliance, any employee who does not comply with safety standards or practices will be issued a Notice of Safety Infraction.  Infraction notices will indicate the type of safety violation, the number of occurrences, the disciplinary action and the corrective action taken. Violation of safe practices may lead to disciplinary action, up to and including termination. 
UEC believes that safety is an important component of any operation and will strictly enforce all established policies and practices.  As part of the UEC's continuous effort to promote safety among all of our employees, UEC has a representative on the CSUSB Safety Committee which works on improving and promoting safety standards. If you would like more information regarding the Safety Committee, please contact UEC Human Resources at (909) 537-3545. If you have any safety concerns or suggestions, feel free to contact any member of the CSUSB Safety Committee.
UEC’s Employee Safety and Hazard Report Form was developed in order to provide a means for employees to report any unsafe work conditions and practices or hazards that exist in the workplace.  Employees are advised that the use of this form or other reports of unsafe practices are protected by law.  Employees can make the report on an anonymous basis without fear of reprisal for exercising their rights in communicating safety concerns.  UEC Human Resources Department will investigate any report and advise the employee who provided the information of the Human Resources Department’s response and action.  In addition, this form can also be used by employees to make a safety suggestion or recommendation regarding occupational health and safety.