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Regular Benefit Employees

(Employees eligible to receive UEC benefits based on the employee's number of hours and the nature and length of the employee's assignment)

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  • Competitive Salaries
  • Medical - 2 Options: Kaiser Traditional HMO Plan and Kaiser PPO.
  • Dental - Guardian Life DentalGuard Preferred DPPO.
  • Vision - Guardian-VSP.
  • Flex Cash option
  • CalPERS Retirement - A Defined Benefit Pension Plan. Employees are vested after 5 years with 2% of final compensation. "Normal" retirement age varies on CalPERS membership.
  • CalPers 457 - Voluntary Tax deferred supplement income plan.
  • Group Term Life/ Accidental Death & Dismemberment (AD&D) - $25,000 in coverage- Employer paid. Employees also have the option to enroll in Optional Life, Enhanced AD&D.
  • Holidays - approximately 13/year.
  • Personal Holiday - 1 per year (equal to 8 hours).
  • Vacation accruals - starts at 6.67 hours per month (10 days per year) See Employee Handbook for more information on accrual rates.
  • Sick pay accruals - 8 hours/month
  • Educational Assistance - After 6 months of employment, tuition is reimbursed for up to a maximum of 6 units or 2 courses, whichever is greater. Benefit is based on availability of funding.
  • Workers' Compensation
  • Unemployment Insurance (except International Students)
  • State Disability Insurance (except International Students)

*NOTE: All employees are eligible for Worker's Compensation, Unemployment Insurance, and State Disability Insurance. International students are eligible for Worker's Compensation only.

University Enterprises Corporation at CSUSB strives to be a compelling place to work and to offer great benefits and opportunities to its employees. For more information and for benefit eligibility, please contact UEC Human Resources at (909) 537-7589.

Educational Assistance

This program provides an excellent opportunity for employees who wish to improve their current skills or embark on a career development plan.
Employees are encouraged to participate in programs of academic study leading to a degree. Courses not part of a degree program must be related to the duties of the employee's current position or future job duties, or course must provide additional knowledge or skills to the employee that would benefit UEC.

Application Procedure

Eligible employees should obtain a copy of the Schedule of Classes for each quarter as soon as it is available in the University Bookstore. There is a limit of two courses or 6 units, whichever is greater, that can be taken each quarter.
Complete the Application for Educational Assistance available online.
The Application for Educational Assistance must be completed, signed by the applicant and his/her supervisor, and then returned to UEC Human Resources.
UEC Human Resources will review, approve, and forward the applicant a copy of the approved Application for Educational Assistance form, so that applicant can proceed with registration.
If convenient for the department and approved by director, employees may schedule one course during a normal work shift. All time off related to course work must be made up and a Request for Make Up Time must be attached to the Application for Educational Assistance.
If an employee withdraws from enrollment and any fees are incurred, the employee will be responsible for the payment of these fees plus any administrative charge that applies.
For more information and for eligibility requirements, please contact UEC Human Resources at (909) 537-7589.