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University Enterprises Corporation


University Enterprises Corporation at CSUSB ("UEC") supports the university's educational mission by providing quality services that complement the instructional program and enhance campus life. The University depends upon UEC to provide services that cannot be supported with state funds. We’re responsible for business enterprises on campus including, but not limited to, dining, bookstore, convenience store, and vending services. We also serve as the grantee for federal, state, and local funding for research and sponsored projects.

University Enterprises Corporation at CSUSB is a legally separate 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation, but is a fully integrated part of the California State University San Bernardino campus.

COVID-19 Update

UEC is monitoring the situation on the COVID-19 virus and is coordinating with various campus departments to help prevent the spread of the virus. Please continue below for UEC Notices on COVID-19. More information can also be found at

To:          Principal Investigators/Directors

From:    University Enterprises Corporation

Date:     Monday, August 9, 2021

RE:          CSUSB/UEC Repopulation COVID-19 Protocols, Mandatory Vaccine Policy, Possible

Exposure or Symptomatic Employees and Contractors/Visitors


Please share the following information with your employees:


Under direction of CSUSB, all UEC Temporary Telecommuting Agreements ended August 2, 2021 and all employees should repopulate their worksites.

Masks are required indoors by everyone on campus and at all off-campus work locations

The Daily Health Screen is required for anyone accessing campus or off-campus facilities. Additional information is available on the Return of the Pack website.

Suggest supervisors periodically ask their employees to show their successfully completed Daily Health Screen to ensure on-going compliance.

If an employee fails the Daily Health Screen, they are prohibited from coming to campus for at least 24 hours. The employee should immediately contact for further instructions, even if the employee feels they failed by accident.

All employees should stay home if sick, symptomatic or have possible exposure to COVID-19.


CSU issued a Mandatory Vaccine Policy which applies to all UEC Departments and Employees.

All faculty, students, and staff are expected to be fully vaccinated and have completed their online self-certification no later than September 20, 2021.

Please ensure all Employees, including Student employees, immediately complete the Employee COVID-19 Vaccine Self-Certification and follow all steps initiated by CSUSB Risk Management, UEC Human Resources or their designee. (See attached Vaccine Requirement Information email).


If an employee indicates that they may have been exposed to or have symptoms of COVID-19, they should stay home, complete the Daily Health Screen and immediately notify or CSUSB Risk Management for further guidance.

If employee feels they may have been exposed to or has tested positive for COVID-19, they should also report the COVID-19 Case or Exposure


Should you or your employees have questions, please contact or call 909-537-7589. We are happy to help.