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Board of Directors

Year 2020 - 2021


  • Tomás D. Morales, Chief Executive Officer
  • Sam Sudhakar, Chair
  • Valerie Zellmer, Co-Chair
  • Douglas Freer, Secretary/Treasurer 

Board Members

  • Tomás D. Morales, Director (University President); Board Chief Executive Officer
  • Sam Sudhakar, Director (Vice President); Board Chair
  • Douglas Freer, Director (Vice President); Board Secretary/Treasurer
  • Jeremy Dodsworth, Director (Faculty)
  • Dorothy Chen-Maynard, Director (Community)
  • Paz Olivérez, Director (Vice President)
  • Jennifer Sorenson, Director (Staff)
  • LaNya Lyons, Director (Community)
  • Graciela Moran, Director (Student)
  • Robert Nava, Director (Vice President)
  • Shari McMahan, Director (Vice President)
  • Taewon Yang, Director (Faculty)
  • Valerie Zellmer, Director (Community)
  • William Stevenson, Director (Community)
  • William Tooke, Director (Community)
  • Yusra Serhan, Director (Student)
  • Quinay Ross, Director (Student)


Click the link above to view the expectations for each UEC BOD member.