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What is Pawz  for Learning?

Pawz for Learning (P4L) is a self-reported, self-development* program for CSUSB employees. Employees are encouraged to "pause” for a minimum of one (1) hour per month for 12 consecutive months to invest in their self-development through a blend of learning activities. The Staff Development Center (SDC) is committed to providing opportunities for professional and personal growth, part of this provision is encouraging staff to pursue self-development opportunities.

*Self-Development is defined as:

“The total of all deliberate activities, not formally required by the organization, that an employee undertakes to gain and retain job knowledge/skills." 

Source: Orvis, K. A., & Leffler, G. P. (2011). Individual and contextual factors: An interactionist approach to understanding employee self-development. Personality and Individual Differences

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