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Snippets is the Staff Development Center's official newsletter and is the quickest way to stay up to date with the Staff Development Center's activities. Access previous versions of Snippets, by clicking on one of the newsletters below:

Staff Development Center (SDC) Timeline

View some of the SDC's major milestones!

2019 Milestones
January 24: The SDC graduates its first cohort of the Administrative Support Professionals Career Pathway

June 20: The 4th annual Employee Development Day takes place in Jack H. Brown

June 27: The SDC graduates its first cohort of the Student Services Professionals Career Pathway

2018 Milestones
January 16: SDC Website launches
September 12: SDC celebrates its 1-year anniversary
September 13-14: The 3rd annual Employee Development Days take place in Jack H. Brown
2017 Milestones
February 3: SDC Committee is established
September 12: Grand Opening of the SDC
September 14-15: The 2nd annual Employee Development Days take place in the College of Education


SDC Committee

Photo Taken: September 2017


SDC Committee and Subcommittee

Photo Taken: July 2018

SDC Committee & Subcommittee

  • Anthony Roberson 
  • Ashleigh Covarrubias
  • Brittany Moore  
  • Cierra Lavarias
  • Crystal Wymer-Lucero
  • Davina Menchaca (Walls)
  • Deborah Parsons
  • Ginny Hattar
  • Jack MacFarlane
  • Jessica Davis
  • Jessica Watkins
  • Joselyn Yap
  • Lisa Gordon
  • Michael Chen
  • Michael Harrison
  • Rosemary Zometa
  • Shontel Zamora
  • Star Wildes