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CalPERS members are invited to attend the following free and educational webinars to learn more about their benefits. 

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Systemwide Professional Development presents a series of LIVE online webcasts featuring innovative & essential training for your professional and personal success! No registration required, join each live session using the associated Zoom information for upcoming sessions linked below. Archived recordings can be accessed via CSULearn.


2024 Webcast Schedule
Topic Date Presenter
Magic Words: What to Say to Get Your Way 1/16/24 Jonah Berger, Ph.D., Best-selling Author & Professor of Marketing
AI Tools, Ethics & Challenges: How I Leverage Technology to Boost Productivity 2/13/24 Janette Ducut, Ed.D., Director of Training & Education, UC Riverside
Teamwork Across Generations: Navigating the Communication Divides in the Modern Workplace 3/13/24 Dr. Nicole Rankine, Certified Professional Growth Coach, Founder of the Cole Academy
Relationship Intelligence: How Relationships Really Work and Why Your Future Depends on Your RQ 4/16/24 Tim Scudder, Ph.D, Author and Founder of Core Strengths
Society, Strategy, Self: Your Impact on the Future of Work 5/14/24 Elatia Abate, Futurist and Business Strategist, Founder of The Future of Now
The Burnout Epidemic: A Candid Conversation about Balancing Wellbeing and Performance 6/18/24 Jennifer Moss, Award-winning Journalist, Author, Speaker, and Workplace Culture Expert
Micro-Affirmations: Nurturing a Culture of Care through Small but Powerful Gestures 7/16/24 Viet Hoang, Speaker and Trainer, Parter at Pint Sized Ideas
Procrastination: What It Is, Why We Do It, and What You Can Do About It 9/18/24 Fuscia Sirois, Ph.D., Professor of Social and Health Psychology, University of Durham, UK
Furgal Innovation: Co-building a Better World with Less 10/16/24 Navi Radjou, Innovation and Leadership Advisor, Bestselling Author, and Thinkers50 Award Winner
Outsmarting Impostor Syndrome: How to Own Your Zone of Brilliance with More Confidence and Less Stress 11/13/24 Lizette Ojeda, Ph.D., Executive Coach, Expert in Intersectionality, Impostor Syndrome, and Burnout

 *All webinars are streamed from 10:00am-11:00am (PST) unless noted otherwise.

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2023 Webcast Recordings

Topic Date Presenter
Stick With It: A Scientifically Proven Process for Changing Your Life – For Good 1/25/23 Sean Young, Ph.D., Executive Director of the UC Institute for Prediction Technology
Overcoming Impostor: Silence Your Inner Critic & Lead with Confidence 2/22/23 Kris Kelso, Executive Coach, Author, and Keynote Speaker
Best Team Ever: The Surprising Science of High-Performing Teams 3/28/23 David Burkus, Award-winning Thought Leader, Speaker, 4x Best-selling Author
How to Achieve: Peak Productivity Through Strategic Self-Care 4/25/23 Dr. Alka Patel, Lifestyle Medicine Physician, Longevity Coach, Author, Speaker
The Secret to Getting Along: 3 Steps to Creating Better Teams 5/23/23 Gabrielle Hartley, Attorney, Author, and Speaker
Manage Conflict So It Doesn’t Manage You: Effective Methods to Reach Positive Outcomes 6/27/23 Lisa Johnson, SHRM-SCP, Founder & Owner, HR Know-How, LLC
Know No Limits: Achieving Successful Change Inevitably Means Overcoming Obstacles 7/25/23 Oz Sanchez, SDSU Graduate, 3x Paralympian, 7-Time World Champion
Psychological Safety: The Key to a Collaborative and Healthy Hybrid Workplace 9/26/23 Garth Sheriff, CPA, CIA, Founder, Sheriff Consulting
Career Management: Being the CEO of Your Life 10/24/23 Paula Boggs, Veteran, Former Assistant U.S. Attorney and General Counsel at Starbucks
Unstoppable Resilience: Avoiding Burnout and Discovering How to Flourish Instead 11/29/23 Dr. Eva Selhub, Physician, Author, Founder, Resiliency Experts, LLC





Life Matters by Empathia

LifeMatters is a free employee assistance program offered to CSUSB employees and their families when they are in need of helpful guidance, counseling, local resources or reliable professional care. Each month, live or pre-recorded webinars are offered to promote your professional and/or personal development. 

2023 Webcast Schedule
Topic Date
Critical Thinking January
Anxiety vs. Stress: Which One is It? February
Elderly Housing Options March
Emotional Eating April
Coping with Grief and Loss May
The Best Summer Ever! June
Improving Concentration July
Becoming Your Own Advocate August
Discipline and Parenting September
How to Deal with Depression in Your Family October
Mindfulness November
Handling Disagreements at Work December

To view a webinar, visit Life Matters and click on the 'Upcoming Webinars' quick link to review and join scheduled webcasts.

Access Life Matters login information. You can also contact Life Matters 24/7 at 1-800-367-7474.

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