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We are excited to offer various options and modalities for CSUSB employees (staff, faculty, student assistants, auxiliaries) to explore professional and personal development content. Access rich, on-demand courseware hosted through a campus learning management system (LMS) below.
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Academic Impressions

CSUSB has partnered with Academic Impressions, an organization specializing in professional development resources for higher education personnel. This partnership provides all faculty, staff, and students at CSUSB with membership access to a host of training resources designed specifically for professionals working in our industry. Topic areas range from skills-based training for professionals in all areas of higher education, to leadership training on topics such as supervision, personal effectiveness, and diversity, equity inclusion, and more.

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CSULearn is an LMS that allows our campus to assign and leverage content including professional development and compliance courses.

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CSU Learning Bridge

CSUSB is currently piloting an LMS for students, offering similar content to what is available to employees in CSULearn. This platform provides access to a variety of resources, whether students are seeking professional development or needing to complete required training. For questions about this system, please email

Note: Employees should not access this platform to complete content. Required training completions are not transferrable, and the library is similar what is accessible via CSULearn. Please instead navigate to CSULearn from myCoyote.

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LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn Learning is available to current employees and provides a highly personalized and engaging learning experience. Learn business, creative, and technology skills to achieve your personal and professional goals. Combining industry-leading content with insight-based recommendations that make learning more relevant and applicable, LinkedIn Learning is delivered where you are already spending time - on your mobile device, your LinkedIn profile, and the myCoyote portal.

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